How good is the Taylor 5596W Body Fat Weight Scale


The Taylor 5596W Body Fat Weight Scale is a state-of-the-art programmable scale. Not only does it control your actual weight and body fat content, but it also calculates the amount of calories needed to achieve the desired body fat and weight for you. This is done by transmitting an electrical signal through your body and the scale reads the resistance for the amount of time it takes to travel through you.

Programming instructions are provided with each scale and you only have to enter its parameters once. The scale does all the calculation for you. Once the signal begins to be transmitted, depending on the size and type of your body, the results will appear in a few moments on the screen.

Each time you climb the scale, you automatically recalculate the amount of fat in the body you have and let you know what new steps are necessary to reduce or increase your caloric intake. This goes well beyond the old method of calorie counting and other outdated procedures. All this is automatic.

One of the only things you can notice is that if you are in the largest size when you start using this scale, the results may take a while to finally read on the screen. This is perfectly normal since the scale uses resistance to measure everything and the more fat it initially has, the longer it will take for the signal to return to the machine. Patience is the key here, they will come.

Once you start using the Taylor Body Fat Scale on a regular basis, you will begin to see results. After a diet and exercise program based on the caloric intake provided by the scale, the body fat number should decrease with each use. The same time each day is key to obtaining accurate results.