Hospitals of Luanda: a summary

Luanda It is rapidly establishing itself as a tourist place in Africa due to its constant industrialization and development as a modern city. After suffering deep war bruises for more than forty years, the city strives to actively use its resources and become a great capital city. Although it may take some time, the government is doing everything possible. This is evident from the number of entertainment centers such as coffee shops and discos that have been established. The health industry is also receiving large funds from around the world and has come a long way from the days when even basic equipment and treatment facilities were almost impossible to find.

There are a lot of hospitals is Luanda. They are owned by the government and are controlled such as Josina Machel Hospital, Boa Vida Americo Hospital, Military Hospital, Prenda Hospital; or the private ones, known as clinics, such as Clínica Alvalade, Clínica Clidopa, Clínica Espiritu Santo and Clínica Sagrada Esperança. These institutions provide basic facilities to visitors and also have emergency rooms. Each configuration has ambulance services attached as well. Private hospitals are also better equipped with the latest equipment for complex treatment procedures.

Doctors and nurses rarely speak English. They are well versed in Portuguese. It is in your best interest to hire a translator by contacting your country's embassy. Private hospitals are clean and emphasize hygiene. Public hospitals are not that bad either, but they will take longer to develop to the highest levels. It is suggested that you carry all important files about your medical history with you for the convenience of doctors.

Visitors must pay in cash and then get a refund of the amount when they return home. Keep in mind that your health insurance provider must cover the expenses incurred on a trip to the coast of Luanda. There are doctors who can visit you in their hotels in case of emergencies, but these professionals are those who are attached to private hospitals. Because of this, they charge a fairly high sum.