The convenience of beef jerky as a travel food

Beef Jerky is the best snack when you want to take a quick bite without worrying about the "fattening ingredients" and the "no nutrition" stigma associated with fast foods. It is also the most convenient food when you travel or simply want to eat something while enjoying a glass of cold beer. It has a good shelf life and does not rot easily like fresh meat. Then, instead of choosing fatty fries, fries or cheese balls for a snack, you can always opt for dry and healthy meat. Children can also be given for full school lunch. They are perfect to serve as appetizers and appetizers during the holidays or to meet friends. In addition, many innovative recipes can be tried using them as the main ingredient. You can surprise your guests by preparing delicious sandwiches or sandwiches using them as a filling.

Beef jerky is prepared by marinating slices of beef of the highest quality and placing them in a specialized dryer at regulated temperature for 12 hours. Once dried to the appropriate moisture content to prevent deterioration, it is cooled and packaged hygienically. To avoid any oxidation, sealed packages can sometimes contain small bags of oxygen absorber.

A variety of flavors are available. Then, according to your taste, you can opt for the natural flavor of beef, the black pepper variant, the sweet and spicy beef jerky, the smoked jerky or the spicy hot pepper jerky. With a null fat content and high protein value, it is the ideal snack for all age groups. In fact, it is not a "junk food" and, like most other snacks, does not add bulk. On the contrary, it helps people who diet because their consumption gives a feeling of fullness and the best satiety value. Dried meat is the best meal at any time to accompany it on long trips, since it does not need preparation and it is not necessary to store it in the refrigerator or at any particular temperature for a long time.