Trainings that travel

A vacation can work wonders to reduce stress levels, but can derail a fitness regime. Even some of the most staunch athletes find it difficult to follow a training program when they are away from home. Sure, many have good intentions. They can even pack your training attire. Unfortunately, his team never leaves the suitcase until they are back at home.

But traveling from home does not have to result in a disruption or total abandonment of your healthy habits. You can still adapt to exercise time when you are away from home, regardless of whether you are in a hot or cold climate. Even if bad weather forces you to isolate yourself in your hotel room, there are exercises that you can complete without a single piece of equipment.

Here are some tips to help you stay fit while traveling and avoid returning home with additional unwanted luggage.

  • Be realistic. You probably can't fit into your normal weekly workouts and that's fine. Shoot to complete at least 50% of your normal regimen.
  • Plan ahead. Before leaving the city, find out what kind of training facilities your accommodation will have or if there is a nearby park for running (if the weather permits, of course).
  • Reach the local gyms. If you are staying in a place that does not offer a training area, ask at the nearby local gyms for their rates. They often offer daily passes for minimum fees.
  • Pack a resistance band in your suitcase. The band takes up very little space, however, it can provide you with a complete workout routine for the upper and lower body.
  • Do not deprive yourself of all local delicacies. You can enjoy some special meals without exaggeration. Ask restaurants to prepare their favorite dishes with some low-fat ingredients.
  • Be creative Find unique and fun ways to exercise instead of doing the same routine you do when you are at home. Try riding a bike, walking, taking a pedal boat excursion, water skiing, beach volleyball, etc. Effective workouts are not limited to the standard rates for walking, jogging and exercise machines.
  • Try your travel routine at least once at home. A new training that you have never done before will require more time and preparation. This type of frustration is just an easy excuse to skip training.
  • Prepare snacks. If your trip includes a lot of time in the car, be sure to pack some healthy snacks so you won't be forced to eat at all fast food stores and convenience stores along the way.
  • Playing in the pool If resting by the pool is part of your vacation plans, get in the pool every 20 minutes to walk 5 to 10 minutes (try it on the water to the waist or higher for a really challenging workout).
  • To feel comfortable. Don't forget to wear a comfortable training attire that suits the climate of your destination.

Here is a fast and simple circuit training that only requires a resistance band and can be done anywhere. Complete at least a series of 8-12 repetitions of each exercise.

  • Bicep Curl
  • Triceps dip
  • Lat Pull Down
  • Front lift
  • Push up
  • Bend
  • Abductor elevators
  • Adductor Divisions
  • Hamstring kicks

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