Neural fat loss training: how to achieve good fitness

Neural fat loss training is a training technique that, to my knowledge, was coined by Dr. Kareem Samhouri, which describes how you can improve the way your body communicates with your own central nervous system to help you achieve a better and more effective training.

But what is Neuro fitness and how can you change your workouts to achieve it?

Since every muscle contraction you do during your workouts is activated by a signal from your central nervous system, you want this signal to be as strong as possible. It is like a road you drive. If the road is well paved, straight and wide, you can go faster and reach your destination sooner. If the road is narrow, winding and bumpy, you should take it more slowly.

Your neural signals travel along roads similarly. It will not indicate that it reaches your muscles as clearly and strongly as possible. To do that, you need to train in a certain way. Not only will this help you build muscles faster and more effectively, but it will also accelerate your body's natural fat loss abilities.

All this is in simple terms, of course, since it touches the fields of biology and physiotherapy and cannot be fully covered in this article. However, it more or less sums it up. You can get more effective training and results for your efforts with this type of training.

How is neuro fitness and fat loss training done?

There are some principles to follow:

  1. Perform multiplanar movements with exercises that make your body move forward, backward and also make rotational movements.
  2. Be sure to perform your exercises at different speeds, doing fast workouts and slower movements as well.
  3. Be sure to keep your workouts as balanced as possible. Do not work your chest more than your back, your triceps more than your biceps. Make sure your body is balanced and your neural signals flow better.
  4. Make sure you are active. Inactivity can lead to a reduction in the strength of neural signaling.

Neural physical training is not an easy task. Expect to work hard and be willing to change your current family routine. If you do, you can expect to achieve better fat loss and better fitness results faster than ever.