Hong Kong Travel Gold: 10K + Buddha Monasteries

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The lush Sha Tin in the new territories of northeastern Hong Kong establishes the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, which is one of Hong Kong's most memorable cultural sites to visit. It has been said that the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery is a bit inappropriate. For starters, it is a monastery without monks and there were actually 12,000 Buddhas. When travelers arrive, the experience begins with a steep slope with about 400 stairs lined with golden Buddhas in a mixture of poses. As travelers head to the leafy curves, shameless monkeys are known to appear and harass passengers by snatching their plastic bags in hopes of being treated. After the last curve of the hill, the ceiling elevation of the main hall followed by spectacular colorful red paintings and various dragon motifs.

The temple may seem ancient or ancient, but it is actually a product of modern times. It was built during the year 1950, the grade three heritage columbarium was built by Yuet Kai, a Buddhist teacher and his followers. Inside the temple, a gold leaf that covered the figure in a lotus pond is said to be the remains of Yuet Kai. Surrounding it on all sides of the small golden statues of Buddha that mark each columbarium niche. In another part of the square there is a nine-story Man Fat Sze pagoda, a Koi pond and several colorful pavilions, including one dedicated to the goddesses of Mercy. The top of the hill address has a vegetarian restaurant and excellent new views of the New Territories.

When going from Sha Tin station it's only 10 minutes & # 39; walk to an East Rail Line subway line about 40 minutes from Central. There are very few signs that lead the traveler to the path of the monastery. But it is often recommended to trace Pai Tau Street to the northwest. The street generally bends to the left and passes travelers through the Pai Tau ancestral hall, which is a large white complex, then turns right and ends at a dead end.

At the end of the road, an unmarked path to the monastery begins. Includes benchmarks, such as unreliable fence and weeds covered with weeds. If it appears on the road, then we must assume that we are on the right path. The temple is open from 9 a.m. at 5:15 p.m., allowing a slow flow of visitors on their way to visit the famous monastery.

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