Weight loss beyond eating well and exercising

Do you exercise at least three times a week and do your best to eat well, just to see little or no results? You ask yourself the question many times. What's wrong? and many times you have planned to quit smoking. You have tried many diets but none of them really works.

As a personal trainer and a naturopathy / herbalist specialist, I have faced this challenge with several of my clients until I found a great solution.

In the process of weight loss there are several things to consider, but for now I will talk about two of them; muscle and its effects on metabolism, and the use of body fat as fuel.

One of the number one things to keep in mind when trying to lose weight is knowing that muscle = metabolism because there is no escape from this. Show me someone with great muscle and I will show you someone with an excellent metabolism. In college, my teacher was surprised that my body fat was 0% percent, but it was also surprising that as soon as I ate, I would have a bowel movement in a short period of time. In addition to this, my resting metabolic rate was about 4000 resting calories and weighed only one hundred and fifty pounds at five feet six.

Now that you have an idea of ​​the importance of muscle in the weight loss process, let me help you build your muscles. In the process of developing toned muscles, protein is essential because it is the basic component of the body and especially our muscles, but for us to develop muscles with proteins we have to synthesize the protein. This is a big problem for many people and, therefore, they do not develop the toned muscles necessary to burn fat. Another way we have trouble building muscles is by eating or drinking sugar products before going to sleep. No matter how hard you exercise, muscle building and weight loss really happen when we are sleeping. Ingestion of sugar and sugar products before bedtime will prevent the body from releasing human growth hormones (HGH) that the body uses to repair, rebuild and regenerate. When you are sore after a hard day of exercise, your body uses a lot of fat as a source of energy to regenerate and carbohydrates to stay alive. Therefore, if HGH is blocked, muscle development is blocked and fat burning is blocked.

My second topic is to use fat as fuel, before, during and after exercise. During exercise, the body will use carbohydrates as its first source of energy. After our low carbohydrate level and conservation must take place to have enough for organ function, the body will switch to its fat store and use fat as its main source of energy. This process is called the second wind and at this point you feel you can conquer an army. Some people's system will do it easily and efficiently, while some people's bodies cannot do it and as soon as their carbohydrate level is low, their exercise session will be over because their system is out of balance and cannot change.

The process of using fat as fuel is fascinating and many companies that manufacture weight loss products really do not get it, so they manufacture many products to accelerate their system and hope it will help weight loss, which is always temporary.

In the process of burning fat, the fat must first be broken down / removed from the fat tank. There is an oil called conjugated lanoic acid that the body uses efficiently to do this. It is now necessary to liquefy the fat in order to easily travel to the bloodstream and cold cayenne is a good product to warm the blood and the body. Due to the additional heat in your blood, the fat is liquefied. The next process is transport and the body uses an amino acid called L-cartinine to capture fat and take it to the mitochondrial / energy production center to burn and regenerate the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) system. The amount of muscle we have will determine the amount of fat burned. The four step process is critical for fat loss. Decomposition, liquefaction, transport and burning. Without the four processes performed, weight loss will not be true weight loss but muscle loss or water loss. Our body is always working to bring our system to a state of homeostasis and most weight loss products are improving your system and, although at first it seems to lose some weight, the body is only discovering how to fight and as soon as It does, the weight loss stops and most of the time it reverses.

The weight we gained was the result of an imbalance in our system and, therefore, our main task is to recover our system and then the weight loss process will be natural and lasting because if it gives the body what it needs. He needs the body to do his job freely.