Find good food at the airport

Whether you are going on vacation, on a business trip or back home for the holidays, finding good food options at the airport can be a challenge. Be careful with heavy bacon or mayonnaise loaded sandwiches because they can add up to 800 calories and 20 grams of fat. One of the best ways to […]

Lenten Lessons – Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras, a time to dine and dance in the fun capitol of the world, New Orleans, Louisiana. It is also called Fat Tuesday due to the habit of eating and drinking, the night before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the ritual fast. It is celebrated in different ways throughout the world. As a […]

Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow Review 2016

Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow Review 2016 – Summary The good The head is not pushed forward like donut pillows Great neck support on both sides. Adjustable for individual preferences Good material and construction Washable pillows Compact case Not so good There is no support if the neck leans forward The verdict Good shopping for frequent […]

Flight Rewards

In the Fit Business Trip program, I tell everyone to avoid the airline's food and instead board their flight prepared with the right sandwiches and food to keep you satisfied during your trip. But let's face it: sometimes time constraints or supervision can lead you to forget what you need. Make the most of your […]

Gastronomic tips for travelers

Eat before arriving at the airport since food prices in the departures section are much higher than you might expect. The restaurants listed in the local telephone directories are divided according to the type of cuisine, so you can easily find an Italian or French restaurant. The food in the bars is usually reasonably priced […]

Lose weight with Neopuntia – 100% natural fat blocker

Today, thousands of people are losing weight by harnessing the power of herbs and natural supplements. Neopuntia is a 100% natural dietary supplement that works by reducing the absorption of fats in the body. It is a natural fat binder, the green alternative to chitosan and the first medically effective vegetable fat blocker. Fat blocking […]