How to choose a flight school

There are people who are fortunate enough to live near many flight schools. In such a case, comparing the packages becomes a very simple thing. However, no matter how many schools are available, there are a few things that you should consider that will help you end up in the best school.

Just like choosing another school, you don’t choose the very first school you come across. You need to consider the aircraft being used, the type of instructors they have, as well as the training environment. Flying is fun, and so is training. Here are some of the factors to consider.

The cost

You should never expect flight lessons to be cheap. This is why most students will try to save as much as possible before starting. It is also reasonable to compare the prices of different schools in order to reduce costs.

When you compare costs, don’t just focus on rental costs. Other things like fee structure, cost of aircraft rental, instructor fees, processing fees, taxes, fuel prices and insurance should be taken into account. You need to keep an eye out for hidden costs. Ask any questions you might have and get a quote for everything you will need during the training.

The diplomas and experience of flight instructors

Choosing an instructor who has all the necessary qualifications is very important, but it is not the only thing. You should know how long such a person has been working as an instructor. Find out where they got their training. Getting more information from their alumni could be an added benefit. However, you should know that some instructors have been working for many years but are not as good. There are also some fresh ones that have just entered the market that are excellent. This means that flight hours alone should not be a determining factor. Find someone who facilitates communication and helps you feel comfortable.

Reputation with the competent authorities

Make sure they meet all the standards that have been set in your area. Organizations can help you determine the best schools around. Find out if the school has committed any violations in the past and if any accidents have been reported. You don’t want to invest money in a school with problems. An airport terminal or other such company can also help you make such a decision.

Course outlines and course structure

Different regulations are used by different flight schools. You need to determine what regulations are in effect even though the end result is usually the same. The only difference is in the methods used in the training. Depending on your own schedule, you may find that some rules are quite structured and the instructor can change the lessons. This allows for some flexibility and may be suitable for someone with a tight schedule.


Did the Stag Parties destroy Riga as a cultural destination?

What was the effect of the Stag Parties in Riga and did they mar his image for good? Around 2005, cheap airlines started to fly to Riga and since then the number of flight paths has increased. Many of these cheap flights are taking off from the UK and with them they have brought the highest class of UK travelers – The Stag Party. Cheap booze, cute leggy blondes, AK 47 shooting and strip clubs have supplied new Riga customers with everything they expect from a weekend with the guys. Unfortunately, Riga as a city was not ready for the explosion of drunken and uneducated animals on its streets and soon problems began to appear.

The people of Riga began to resent large groups of men yelling at local girls, throwing away their money without regard and generally acting like idiots. Brits’ perception had been marred by a handful of yobs on cheap weekends, could it get worse for the previously thoughtful Brits? The answer was “YES” in all capitals.

It took a British drunkard to do what good British drunks do, public urination. It wasn’t the act of urinating in public that was the main problem, it was where the act had taken place and in many ways it would be like a stranger in London urinating on the cenotaph. Of all places, the intoxicated Briton chose the Latvian Freedom monument for relief. The Freedom Monument is the most revered and important monument in the former Soviet state of Latvia and the event caused a scandal across the country.

Since the urination event, there have been a number of other incidents involving drunk Brits, the most recent being a group stripping naked and riding a huge wooden horse in the old town. It looks like Riga has become a debauched city with drunken men running around like children and in some ways you would be right.

The good news is that most of these uneducated fools will only be found in the Old Town, and as a result, many of the newer local bars and cafes have stepped away from the tourist trap. The other bonus is that the pound is now quite weak against the Lati; so less cheap liquor hunters come here to get drunk. You can easily avoid these thugs by leaving the Old Town on weekend evenings and exploring the central areas with plenty of bars and cafes.

So the effects of the influx of Stag parties are clear, but their damage to this great city is much less than you might think. Compared to cities like Prague, where over the years the city has literally been overrun with stag festivals, Riga has maintained a balance between cultural tourists and animals. In answer to the question Has the stag festival destroyed Riga as a cultural destination? The answer should be “no”. Riga is always a lovely city to visit and enjoy, come and experience it for yourself.


Traveling in Europe by plane, train, bus or car – it’s easy

Plan your trip – travel to Europe by train, plane, bus or by renting a car. It saves you time and money. If you’re on a budget, compare prices with the train, plane, or bus. Check the departure and arrival times and the duration of the trip.

By train

Traveling in Europe by train remains the most popular way to get around. If traveling light is your motto of life, this is a great way to get to your favorite cities! Find out how many countries you will be visiting. There are certain types of train fares to suit your needs. Do you travel during the day to take in the scenery? Or at night, while you sleep and wake up to your new destination, saving you a night in a hotel? Travel to Europe like Europeans do! Mingle with the locals. A word of advice, because when you return home, please keep your belongings close to you, especially in large cities like Rome.

I have traveled alone through Europe. And for women traveling alone, Europe can be quite safe. I have never needed to travel at night as I prefer to sleep in a warm, comfortable bed. 🙂 When traveling, bring your drinks. Most stations have shops and kiosks. It’s hard to get thirsty on board and pray for this guy selling snacks to show up!

Eurorail or Eurail passes can only be purchased when you are still outside of Europe. There are special passes depending on the length of your stay, the number of times you will travel and the number of countries you will visit. It is convenient although if you are traveling a few cities at a time it is best to buy point-to-point tickets. In these cases, I buy mine on the spot.

A green way to travel in the UK: ride the Virgin train! They have fares as low as GBP 12.50 one way. And if you book early, they have great first class deals. First class and environmental protection, what a great combination.

By plane

With people wanting to get to their destination faster and cheaper, European regional airlines offer promotional flights that are sometimes even cheaper than the price of the train! Wow! It’s a great way to travel to Europe! So instead of traveling at night on a train, you can choose to fly! There are many cheap airlines out there to make us happy!

British Midland flies from London to several European cities. My Paris-London flight with a group was delayed but the service made up for it. Despite this delay, I still fly British Midland.

I also tried easyjet from Dortmund to Rome Ciampino and Jet2 from Leeds to Amsterdam Schiphol. They are low budget airlines. If I had booked fast enough, I could have gotten my Leeds-Amsterdam fare for just 1 GBP (excluding tax)!

Are you traveling to Italy? Try My Air. They also fly to several international cities in Europe.

Be aware that you are paying for drinks and snacks on board, so make sure you have coins or small bills ready. The flights left on time and in about an hour you are at your destination!

On the other hand, there is also a possibility to hire a private jet. Check out Net Jets Europe if you don’t want to wait for flights (like the rest of us mortals).

By car

If you’re the type who enjoys driving on vacation and finds map reading a stress-free pastime, then hire a car! Driving in Europe is child’s play … that’s what Jan (my husband) says … I can’t say the same because I don’t know how to drive!

By bus

Travel by bus in Europe is an alternative to travel by train. It’s simple. Multiple stops. Coaches are now becoming ultra modern. The journey is as smooth as when you are on a plane! The bus is your thing the next time you travel to Europe? You have the choice between several bus companies.

I traveled on the Eurolines route from Amsterdam to Paris. We left the Amstel station around 8 p.m. and arrived in Paris at 6 a.m. There are several toilet stops during the night and since the seats were comfortable I felt pretty much good on arrival.

National Express is a British coach operator that serves around a thousand locations in the UK and popular destinations in Europe (with Eurolines) all the way to Moscow and Saint Petersburg! There are some really great deals out there, so you might just stand a chance on a good deal. The trip may take longer than a train, but you don’t have to worry about your luggage since all luggage is stored under the coach.

By private coach

The best of land travel, you and your friends and family have the privacy of your own coach! Plan your route and have your own professional driver take you across the continent for the duration of the trip. The last family group I had decided to travel to Europe (well, Italy and France) in the comfort and safety of their own luxury coach, a big plus in their vacation! The kids claimed the back seats to chat all day and their parents stayed in the front to enjoy the view!

By ferry

It’s a great alternative for those who get bored easily. You can do different activities on board the ferry so that there is never a dull moment while you are traveling alone in Europe.


Comparison of Cessna planes – The Cessna 172 against the Cessna 182

For the uninitiated, the Cessna 172 and the Cessna 182 are indistinguishable from each other. Both are 4-seater high-wing planes with struts reinforcing each wing. But for the pilots, these are significantly different planes.

The main difference between the 172 and 182 is in the engines. Both have been produced for over 40 years, and during that time came out of the factory with a variety of engines. Since the introduction of the 172N in 1977, the factory’s standard engine has produced 160 hp. Before that, 172 engines ranged from 145 to 160 hp. Many older planes have been upgraded in the aftermarket to more powerful engines, including a popular 180 hp. version. All of these changes are made via an STC or additional type certificate issued by the FAA.

Although the 182 was powered by several different engines, the standard non-turbo models always weighed 230 hp. This difference in power has several implications. One of course is speed. The 182 is 15-20 knots faster than a 172. It can also climb 200 feet per minute faster. In general, planes with larger engines can lift more weight as well. A standard maximum weight of a late model 172 is 2450 pounds, a 182 3100 pounds. All that difference isn’t a payload, an empty 182 weighs about 300 pounds. heavier than its little cousin.

Not all the differences between the 172 and 182 are as easy to quantify as the specs and performance. Being heavier, the 182 is a more stable aircraft than a 172. It doesn’t bounce so much and tends to follow the direction you want it to go better. This is a good feature if you intend to do a lot of instrument flying. (Flying in clouds or without visual reference to the ground.)

With over 200 horsepower and an adjustable-pitch propeller, the 182 is also considered a high-performance aircraft. This means that more instructions are needed to be able to pilot it, both by regulation and the requirements of insurance companies.

As for the price, a typical price for a used 1978 172 would be in the $ 40,000 range, while a similarly equipped 182 would be at least $ 20,000 more. An 182 will also be more expensive to own. Insurance, inspections, engine overhauls and operating costs will be more than that. For example, an 182 will consume about 3 gallons per hour more.

Neither of these things makes one plane better than the other. What sets an airplane apart is how you plan to use it. If you want a simple plane that is relatively inexpensive to operate, which requires a 172. If you want to use your plane for transportation and intend to go in weather conditions, a 182 would be better suited for your purpose.

Finally, when it comes to distinguishing one plane from another, the gift is the nose. A 182 has a fuller hood section to cover the larger engine and a more streamlined windshield.


Inexpensive airfares

Cheap airfares have always been a dream of travelers. No-frills airlines have mushroomed to fill the gap between supply and demand. Jet Blue Airways, US carriers and South West Airlines are some of the airlines competing for travelers looking for profitability. Full-service airlines are now offering a range of flights for economy-class travelers, to challenge the competition offered by no-frills airlines. Getting the most profitable offer takes time and effort. Websites and online agencies like [] provide detailed information on full service discount travel. Some websites offer a cost calculator specific to airlines, destination, and travel time.

Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, E-bookers and Opodo are websites and online travel agencies that provide information as well as reservation services for travelers. While searching the internet is apparently a cheaper option, it’s still best to book through a travel agent when you’ve chosen a flight. Agents are well versed in the industry and can help you get a better deal. Also, many carriers use their websites only to list fares and will not list them with booking agents or other travel sites.

You need to read the fine lines when you book with a no-frills airline. The prices are quite specific to a certain flight, a certain day and a certain time. They do not include late bookings or itinerary changes. Also keep in mind that & # 147; no frills & # 148; is exactly that & # 150; there are no free meals or drinks served on these flights, and there are often one or two stops before you reach your destination.


Super Cheap Vacation Packages Overview: What To Expect With Affordable Travel Deals

What happens when you want to go on a trip for a few days but don’t have a lot of money? The answer is simple, of course: just use the internet to help you find super cheap vacation packages. They are out there – you just need to know how to find them. It helps use discount travel sites that partner with airlines and hotels and allows consumers to search for the best deals for their destinations on the dates they specify. If you don’t have exact dates in mind, check out more 24 hour deals, weekly deals, last minute deals, and more.

Don’t think that super cheap vacation packages are for places that aren’t very popular or off the beaten path. There are a wide variety of packages to choose from, including ski resorts, beach trips, casinos, golf packages, big city getaways, and more. For many destinations, affordability depends on the time of year. If it is not high season in a particular location and the weather is not salty, it is much easier to get cheap rates.

If you want to travel to a place like Florida or the Caribbean Islands but aren’t on a big budget, wait until hurricane season. Keep an eye on weather reports for if and where a hurricane or tropical storm could form, and fly to a destination that is not in its path. You will be amazed at some of the offers you can find at this time of year.

Want to go to a big city like New York, Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Boston or Seattle? Go there whenever there are no major events or conventions in town. The prices tend to be a little lower whenever nothing major happens.

Super Cheap Vacation Packages Outside the US

Sometimes it’s even easy to find super cheap vacation packages to international destinations. Some of the cheapest countries to visit these days are Laos, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Cambodia. If you can’t afford to travel to popular international destinations like Paris, London, Madrid, Tokyo, Seoul or Sydney, there are always cheaper alternatives. Just browse discount travel sites for recommendations. Also read reviews on hotels and hostels – you can always go with the backpack option.

Another way to save is to be flexible with airports. If you can’t find great rates on plane tickets to the airport of your choice, consider going to another airport in the area. Even if that means you’ll have to rent a car for an extra day or take a bus or train to your hotel, you could still save more money.

Some super cheap vacation packages can be found not on land but on the sea. Check out cruise deals to see if an itinerary interests you.

Find super cheap vacation packages to destinations around the world online. Whether you want to go on a cruise, cross items off your must-see list, or just get away from it all for a few days, there are bundles online for just about everything.


Cheap Vacation Packages: Guide to Affordable Travel Packages and How to Find Them

Travel plans aren’t as complicated as they used to be. There are so many useful websites and tools online that make it easy to book hotel, select airfare, and rent a car. Finding cheap vacation packages is easy and straightforward. You can browse through existing packages or customize your own by selecting from a variety of flights and hotels. There is usually an option to include vehicle rental in the package.

In order to guarantee you a good deal, only use a reliable and trustworthy online travel site. Its navigation and search function should be easy to use. You should be able to simply enter the dates you plan to travel, your local airport and the city of destination. When you search, there should be an option to search for Plane Ticket Only, Plane Ticket + Hotel, and Plane Ticket + Hotel + Car Rental.

Of course, you can always look at the packages that are already bundled together if you don’t have specific plans in mind. Last minute deals, for example, often include the round trip airfare and 2-5 nights in a budget hotel. If it’s a cruise you’re looking for, there are usually last-minute deals offered by the shipping lines.

While some inexpensive vacation packages only include the airfare, room, and a meal or two, there are still some that offer perks like access to a spa and tickets to nearby attractions. Read a package carefully to find out what it includes. Don’t spend the money on a plan that offers a lot of things that you probably don’t need.

Cost of cheap vacation packages

Where exactly can you go? Which destinations offer the cheapest vacations? It depends on factors like time of year, whether it is tourist season or not in that region, weather, airlines, market fluctuations etc. When looking for “inexpensive travel packages” or something similar, Caribbean and Mexican destinations are generally the most popular, followed by Vegas, Florida, California, and Hawaii. Yes, sometimes it is even possible to find budget accommodation and discount plane tickets to Hawaii!

If you haven’t chosen a specific destination yet, look for packages that focus on a theme that interests you, such as golf package, beach getaway, outdoor adventure, spa and relaxation breaks, ski resorts , etc. recommendations on affordable trips that you will surely enjoy.

Wherever you want to go or whatever you want to do, start your search for inexpensive vacation packages today. Keep in mind that the prices listed are generally per person.

Do you have an online coupon code? If not, it’s time to get one. This is the best way to get deals on cheap vacation packages. Use the site to view all current offers or search for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, cruises and more.


Unleash alluring attractions with cheap flights to Harare

The fact remains true that the planet we live on is made up of countless destinations worth mentioning. They are the ones that attract a large number of backpackers from all over. You’ve gone to great lengths to make that long-awaited city break, and now is the time to take your family on a great vacation.

Did anyone hear you say Harare?

Many avid travelers have envisioned a vacation to one of the most admired and captivating tourist destinations on the planet, which coaxes a large number of vacationers around the world. And if you’re still on the verge of making a decision on where you should vacation to, Harare is proving to be one of the most discovered places in the world where you wouldn’t prefer to wait any longer to take a ride. . . Recognized as the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare is the largest and most densely populated city in the country. Indeed, it acts as a leading center where all financial, commercial and communication activities take place. In the early days, this town was known as Fort Salisbury when it was founded in 1890.

When should you fly to the Zimbabwean capital?

If you’re thirsty for culture, spring would be a great time to fly to Harare. This is due to the fact that a number of festivals are organized. These festivals include the Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) and the Harare Jazz Festival, which take place in the fourth month of the year. You need to make sure you book your flight in advance if you want to be part of the HIFA. In this festival, you will enjoy the powerful performances of great Zimbabwean and internationally renowned artists.

If arts and crafts are your weakness, you can head to the National Gallery, located in Harare Gardens. This gallery showcases some of the remarkable African and modern artwork that will leave you in awe. In this gallery you would come across various collections of paintings, stone sculptures, wood sculptures and many more. There are other places of interest that are worth your visit like the National Archives, Queen Victoria Museum, Mukuvisi Woods, Mining Pension Fund Building, Chapungu Sculpture Park and the list not not end.

Additionally, the city boasts of its shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, hotels and restaurants which is why a Harare vacation should be on everyone’s mind.

Time to take cheap flights to Harare to unleash its beautiful side for its magnetic highlights

There are many cheap flights to Harare from some of the main UK airports like Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Birmingham and London. You can take a flight from London Heathrow LHR at Harare International Airport EDH. You need to compare flights to Harare so that you can choose the one that does not burn a hole in your pocket. Reputable airlines like British Airways, Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and Emirates Airlines operate a number of flights to Harare with a stop through their gateways in various cities.


Information on low-cost airline and hotel packages: an overview of vacation deals and their offers

Some people are looking for last minute deals and others like to plan ahead. No matter what category you fall into, all it takes is a little patience and research to find cheap airline and hotel packages. Travel sites on the Internet have made it easy for the average traveler to choose their own adventure and book their own itineraries. There is always room for flexibility in a vacation package.

Each airline has hotel partners, so there are many options available if you want to combine airfare and hotel reservation. You can also consider adding car rental to the package. How is a three night stay + plane ticket to Punta Cana? Or international plane ticket + budget hotel stay in Barcelona Sound? There is a wide variety of packages to choose from.

Inexpensive airline and hotel packages are sometimes (but not always) available at the last minute. If a hotel still has a bunch of rooms to fill on the nights ahead, it can drastically reduce the price to entice tourists to book with it. It’s the same with many airlines. Airlines don’t always overbook. Every now and then they face an under-booking issue. If a lot of people cancel their plane ticket at the last minute for whatever reason, the airline will have no choice but to offer them a discount so that more people book as early as possible.

Vacation packages are often tailored to a particular theme, such as romantic getaways, outdoor recreation, sports, family activities, LGBT travel, cruises, skiing, etc. There are also all-inclusive vacations at the giant resorts. If you’d rather create your own itinerary, stick to basic budget airline and hotel packages.

Get transportation in your cheap airline and hotel packages

Don’t forget about ground transportation. Depending on the destination, you may not want to travel everywhere. If a rental car is out of the question, make sure your package includes a hotel near the airport you’ll be flying to. If you want to hire a car, the rates are usually cheaper in the non-airport locations. Renting a vehicle directly at the airport is generally more expensive.

Make sure you don’t forget anything while reading the terms and conditions. Know what the cancellation policy looks like before you book. Only consider buying cheap airline and hotel packages from reputable travel discount sites that offer 24/7 customer service. Sites that have Plus subscriptions are definitely worth using because they offer reward programs.
hotels flights
Online discounts are some of the best, and you can always count on travel websites to provide good customer service. Make sure to join the membership programs so that you can earn points. No matter what type of vacation you are interested in, there are many inexpensive airline and hotel packages to choose from.
We’ve seen Android Beam blow the dust in recent months, and it’s probably a replacement. This feature is not yet widely available.
However, due to an accidentally limited beta test, you may be able to subscribe to the beta version of Google Play services. You might remember this as “quick sharing”, which we thought to be called before the launch of Google Pixel 4.
crypto airdrop
Some of you may be wondering what sharing is nearby. This is Google’s version of AirDrop, a very useful feature in Apple products that allows you to transfer files quickly and easily over a Wi-Fi connection. This is something that Android users have been begging for for several years, and now it’s finally coming.
We’ve managed to get a couple of our own devices to work nearby so you can know what to expect, how it’s different from Apple AirDrop, and see if it’s really the local sharing solution we’ve been waiting for for years. for a. With Apple taking a lot of design nuances from Android to iOS 14, this could be one of the few imitations Android fans have been waiting for for a long time – if RCS can eliminate iMessage, I’m sure we’ll all be happy.


5 tips for getting the cheapest last minute flights

Whether you are an individual traveler or a business traveler, in these tough economic times, everyone is looking to save money whenever they can and get the cheapest last minute flights for their trip.

If you absolutely need to book your flights last minute, here are 5 great tips that can help you find cheap last minute flights.

1. Try to book your flights as early as possible. Try to plan your trip so you don’t have to book flights at the last minute. Many times people end up having to book their flights at the last minute because they procrastinated and postponed booking their flights.

If you can, book your plane ticket at least two to three months before your departure date. If you can buy your plane tickets that far in advance, you have the best opportunity to get the lowest prices.

If you can’t book two to three months before the departure date, at the very least try to book your flights within two to three weeks of the departure date. Don’t wait until the week of your departure date to try to book your flights.

If you wait until last week to book your flights, the ticket prices will be very high and there is a good chance that the seats will be sold out.

2. Look for deals and discounted flights on the websites of all the major airlines that serve your destinations. It is not easy to find a deal on airline tickets, but if you have patience and take your time to research all the websites of all the airlines, you might find a lot for your route.

3. Look for cheap last minute flights on all the major online travel booking sites. These sites have access to millions of discounted flights and do not always have access to the same flights or prices. Or, a particular online travel website may offer instant discount on flights for the itinerary.

4. Do all your research for cheap last minute flights in one day and be ready to book your tickets when you find a good deal. When you find a good deal, don’t delay or delay booking your flights …

Prices can change and increase at any time. The prices of airline tickets are constantly changing. You can find flights and prices that appeal to you, and often, if you don’t book your flights at that time, you can lose the seats or the offer because someone else might be buying the tickets.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you find a good price for cheap flights for your trip, you can wait a few hours or days to decide to buy them at that price. If you need to book your flights, don’t bet on buying your tickets later.

Do all your research on all websites on the same day and book your flights the same day as soon as possible.

5. Make sure that when searching for your flights you have a credit or debit card that has sufficient funds, so you can pay for your plane tickets when you find the cheapest last minute flights. for your trip.

Too often people spend the time looking for cheap flights, and then when they finally find a good deal on their flights, they try to pay for their flights, only to find that their credit card is over the limit, or their debit card does not have sufficient funds to cover the payment of the tickets.

By the time they resolve their payment issues and are ready to make the payment, they find that their seats are now sold out and / or that the prices of cheap tickets have gone up.

The key point is that when looking to book cheap last minute flights for personal travel, such as last minute flights to Florida or last minute flights to Las Vegas, you need to be prepared to be prepared to. make payment when you find a good deal on cheap flights. Otherwise, it is likely that you risk losing the seats or the reduced ticket price.