4 unusual fitness solutions for weight loss


Fighting excess weight can be difficult and frustrating. Here are four secrets that many people never know that can make weight loss much easier. The key to losing weight is consistency and a mindset focused on long-term success.

SECRET NUMBER ONE: Talk to your doctor. This may not be a secret per se, but it is something that most people overlook. When you talk with your doctor, he or she can see your health history and determine exactly what is causing your problem. In some causes, your medical condition goes beyond healthy eating and exercise. When you talk to your doctor, you can easily get to the bottom of the problem and learn useful tips for losing weight. For example, I had a period of some months in which I had to travel a lot for my company. My doctor suggested taking a small bag of nuts as a snack, instead of eating at fast-food restaurants at airports. Wham! My weight gain stopped.

SECRET NUMBER TWO: improve your posture. Ok, this may not be exactly a way to lose weight, but it will certainly make you look thinner! A good posture, whether you are standing or sitting, will immediately seem to slim your body. Don't you get straight in the locker room when you try on your clothes? This can also help with the weight loss process itself, because good posture when exercising will lead to more effective workouts.

SECRET NUMBER THREE: involve your whole family. It can be very tempting to get rid of the salad, eat a hamburger with your husband or a taco with your wife, but if the whole family is eating healthy foods, the weight loss won't seem so depressing. Keep junk food out of the house completely, and everyone will be healthier.

SECRET NUMBER FOUR: Think about your weight in terms of everyday life. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Park at the last parking spot in the mall or at work and walk to the front door. Cut the coffee and replace it with tea in the morning. Go out and play with your children instead of staying inside. Go dancing instead of watching a movie. These little things may not have a big impact on your life in general, but if you do them regularly, the calories burned will accumulate and you will begin to see real results. Your physical state is your life. It's not only 30 minutes or 1 hour in the gym. It is 24/7. Your fitness is your health and your health is your life.

These four secrets have two things in common. First, they integrate weight loss into their health and life in general. Staying fit and healthy is not something you do only at mealtime or when exercising. You do it all the time. Second, they ask for help from other people. If you think about it, gaining weight is one of the few things you can do completely alone! But losing weight can be a combined effort of your doctor and your family and friends. Make sure everyone celebrates their victories and goals, and helps them overcome setbacks.


Traveling by train in Kerala, India, is a different experience


Kerala has very simple and well connected railway systems. The railroad was initially an initiative of the British of the presidency of Madras. But even though that is the beginning, later and later achievements have transformed the way people travel in Kerala. There are many trains that cross to different destinations from Kerala. Chennai mail, Kerala express, Island express, Netravathi express, Parashuram express are some other popular trains. Today, the number of travelers and travelers who depend on the Indian railway is much more than imaginable. The number of trains has also increased dramatically. This is almost like a service and responsibility well done because the real income of the railways comes from the cargo. If you travel on the longest route, say Kerala to New Delhi, it takes almost 51 hours, so the network is very wide.

Kerala has the most railway stations when it comes to the size of the state. On average, every half hour, you will arrive at the next station. Another reason for this would be the dense population and the amount of towns and cities that the state has. There are railway stations in almost 75 percent of cities. The railway stations would be well equipped with reservation and ticket counters, waiting rooms, paid bathrooms, restrooms, kiosks, ATMs, accommodation rooms, restaurants, etc.

A train trip through Kerala would be a series of tourist visits. Compared to other states, Kerala is greener; the reason would be green rice fields and tranquility. You can see many rivers, backwaters, estuaries, green rice paddies, old houses, cities, etc. You won't find so many natural things on any other train journey apart from Kerala. From central Trivandrum to Kasargod, you see everything. It would be almost a day trip to get from one end to the other by train, unless, otherwise, you are on a super fat train like the Rajadhani Express. The train trip would be the best option to get to Bekkal and other important tourist destinations such as Kanyakumari, where road transport would be exhausting.

For the most part, there are 4 classes on a train, namely, sitting in second general class, Sleeper class, AC 3 tire and AC 2 – AC tire means air conditioning. Other classes would be the AC type wagons for day trains and for some trains there is an executive class called 1 AC tire, which is relatively expensive and luxurious. The second class session is the basics where most passengers would travel and you don't need to get a seat to sit. It would be difficult to find a seat, but if you are lucky you can find one. The sleeping class is where you have bent bunk beds where you can sleep at night, that's what it is called, during the day you only need a ticket for the sleeping class, but during the nights you must have a reservation ticket for the sleeping class to claim a bunk bed to sleep or else you will not be allowed to travel. The AC 3 tire is where the bed class has air conditioning. 2 tires is more luxurious than 3 tires and is a more private area and beds will be provided. The number of seats and bunk beds is also smaller. The executive class is an exception and is not available on all trains.

Today, train tickets are available on the Internet, you don't need to go to the queue at the train station reservation and at the ticket counter. You can book tickets online at http://www.irctc.co.in. I R C T C Indian Railway Tourism and Restoration Corporation] is a subsidiary of Indian Railways, a government organization that handles tourism initiatives such as the gold car, train tour packages, online reservations and catering services. If you have a credit card or Internet banking with an Indian bank and an account registered on the irctc website, anyone can book a train ticket online. There are many recognized I R C T C agents that can book tickets for you, where they will charge a service charge.

However, if your budget is limited and you need to travel through Kerala, India, then the best option is to depend on the Indian Railway. All you need to confirm is a reservation.


How do I lose belly fat? A very simple formula


How do I lose abdominal fat? It is a question that thousands of people ask each month and there is no simple answer. Belly fat accumulates over a period of time and by the time you really notice it, belly fat has been established, it seems to be a right for illegal occupants.

The road to a firmer and flatter stomach is quite long and no amount of abs, abs or body jerks will make belly fat disappear during the night.

How do I lose abdominal fat? It is a good question because the sagging you can see is only part of the problem, it is the underlying fat around your internal organs that can be more dangerous for life. It is this fat that will cause diabetes, heart congestion and kidney problems, to name just a few.

So how do you change sagging? The best way is to accept it will take time. Do not rush to follow a fast diet, as it is the worst thing you can do. A sudden reduction in your calorie intake will only result in a decrease in your metabolic rate and an increase in fat storage by your body.

A fat belly and those muffin tops will respond very well to a sensible eating plan and some aerobic exercise. There are many good weight loss programs on the Internet and by carefully choosing one that suits you and your lifestyle, you have a great opportunity to fight the bulge.

Aerobic exercise comes in many forms, none of which requires a leotard! Aerobic simply means "with air." That is, you breathe normally while exercising. The simplest form of aerobic exercise is a quick walk.

My personal preference for aerobic training is forty minutes a day on a motorized treadmill. I bought a treadmill and installed it in my garage along with a music system and a TV, just to distract me from the process.

A treadmill at home works for me because I don't have to travel to a gym, make childcare arrangements and it never rains in my garage. Not yet, anyway!

Convenience is my safeguard against excuses for not doing so. With a diet program that I bought in the exercises & # 39; Net and regular on my treadmill, I lost the muffin caps and reduced my abdominal fat significantly and in a fairly short time.

Well, how do I lose abdominal fat? When eating sensibly, exercise regularly and not make up excuses. It's not that hard if you really decide to lose that sagging.


The bond of a mother polar bear and her young


No one can deny the grace and strength that places polar bears among the most magnificent animals on the planet. Despite their reputation for being somewhat dangerous, they are still considered an extremely beautiful and majestic beast. Major wildlife travel companies offer specialized Polar Bear tours among their portfolio of exciting nature-focused trips, and this is a fantastic opportunity to see these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.

Although you will travel with an experienced guide on Polar Bear tours, you can improve your experience if you learn as much as you can about how animals live and behave. Here we explore how female polar bears care for their young from birth.

At birth

When puppies are born, they weigh approximately 500-600 g and measure approximately 30 cm; males are often a little larger than females. Although, at birth, it may seem that puppies do not have hair, in fact, it is very good. Small, vulnerable and born with eyes closed, puppies are virtually helpless when they enter the world.

The love of a mother

The female has four mammary glands to breastfeed her young, which she does sitting or lying down. Staying close to the mother also helps keep the puppies warm. Breastfeeding is common in the first weeks of a puppy's life and they can breastfeed up to six times a day. Breastfeeding decreases as puppies grow, but a female can feed her puppies for up to 30 months. Many puppies stop breastfeeding on their own around 18 months, but they still remain with their mother until they are almost three years old.

Vital for the survival of puppies in the harsh conditions of the Arctic, breast milk has 33% fat, compared with 3-5% fat found in human milk.

As with most animals, mothers will protect their young with their own lives and the instinct to defend the young is extremely strong.


Puppies begin to open their eyes in the first four weeks after birth and begin to walk around two months while they are still in the protective study. When the mother encourages her young to leave the den in spring, she stays close to home so the pups can return when they need it. At this time the puppies acclimatize to the cold and practice walking. The mother teaches the puppies to hunt and, although they only observe her during the first year, this is a valuable experience. It is not until a puppy is about two years old that he can hunt with skill, and at this age he can kill a seal once every five days.

Once the puppy is around 30 months old, the mother will be ready to reproduce again; she or a male chaser will scare off the puppies and force them to start their life as adults.

If you are lucky enough to experience the sight of a mother and her puppies while you are on Polar Bear tours, it is a truly memorable experience. The specialized bear tours are designed by wildlife experts to provide you with the best opportunities for sightings, so, depending on the time of the year you travel, the chances of seeing a mother and her puppies are reasonably high.


Trainings that travel


With more people traveling for business and pleasure than ever, the greater the need to learn to exercise effectively while away from home.

Traveling should not take your fitness program to a tiring vacuum. Be creative in your exercise choices, be realistic and manage your time more effectively regardless of how busy your itinerary is.

Research shows that 4 15-minute exercise sessions are as effective as 1 60-minute session. Final result: more efficient use of your time, increased energy expenditure, accelerating your metabolism four times instead of one, and a physiological production of happy hormones and endorphins throughout the day to keep you energized, in good mood and mental alertness.

So how does this relate to exercise? Before breakfast, put on your sneakers and go to the gym to run and stretch for 10 minutes, or swim. After lunch, walk for 15 minutes through the hotel grounds. This will also help the digestion process so you don't feel full when you return to work. Once your meetings are over, go to the gym for a quick circuit of 15-20 minutes of strength training. Circuit training will ensure that your heart rate remains high, maximizing your energy expenditure, completing your training in much less time and creating a new training response for your body to adapt and respond. Forget your 3 sets of 10. If you have access to a gym, do all your exercises one at a time, alternating muscle groups. Then, go to the shower to prepare for dinner. It really is as easy as that!

You will need to be disciplined to do it the first time, but once you have tried it once, it will be as routine as cleaning your teeth, and you will feel fantastic!

Here are some other tips to increase your physical activity while traveling for business:

o Schedule your exercise sessions as you would with business appointments. They are equally important and essential for your well-being, especially when traveling for business.

o Brainstorm while colleagues while walking instead of in a meeting room

o Walk through the airport while waiting to board the plane.

o Walk instead of taking the escalator, you will find that you get there faster than those who climb!

o Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or get off a few floors before and walk the rest of the way.

o Pack your resistance tubes.

o Pack your jump rope.

Try these simple but very effective steps to maximize your activity, productivity and performance while traveling for business.

Good luck with your future fitness efforts.

Yours in health,

Daniel Remon

Fitcorp Asia specializes in executive fitness programs for busy professionals.




Travel to Oahu: experience Hawaii as a local


Every year, millions of visitors from Japan, the continental United States and beyond land in
Honolulu International Airport ready to start your vacation in paradise. Shortly after
Upon landing, most visitors get into a taxi or bus sent from the hotel and begin the journey
Past downtown Honolulu and your reservation at a Waikiki hotel.

Waikiki's charm is immediate. The crowded streets, the sounds of the beach and
Exotic stories call the traveler who soon goes out. Venturing into
Waikiki can be quite exciting. The streets are full of foreign languages, crowds.
Tourists dress better dressed in beach, and the beginning of the history of surfing can be
seen at the end of the street. Waikiki can be so exciting that many visitors never
escape from their imaginary borders Approximately 6 million of these visitors miss
sites that locals find so endearing, that they remain within two square miles of Waikiki.

For those travelers interested in seeing Oahu through its residents & # 39; eyes please
keep reading.

Magic Island Beach Park – This popular park is located just west of
Waikiki, across the street from the Ala Moana shopping center. The park includes
Two beaches, a three-mile jogging path, tennis courts and more. A walk through the
The park will expose the center of Hawaiian culture: the family. Large extended families
meet around hibachis, spend the day along with a good meal and lots of
Sun. The beaches are significantly less crowded, so for a great day, take a barbecue
and head to the beach on Magic Island!

The contemporary museum of Honolulu – This little museum is located
atop a ridge on Makiki Heights Drive. The ride along the ridge offers incredible views.
That would be missed by most Oahu visitors. The relatively small museum
It offers changing exhibits in its five galleries. After going through the galleries, visitors
You can stroll through the sculpture gardens. This is where the true glory of the
Museum is revealed. The 3.5 acres of sculpture and meditative gardens are open to
to the public and offers some of the most incredible views of Honolulu.

Leong & # 39; s Cafe – Many visitors look at a lu & # 39; au for more than entertainment;
They are looking for excellent Hawaiian food. However, if you are interested in real premises
Hawaiian food style, you can't beat Leong & # 39; s Cafe located at 2343 North King Street.
As a favorite for dish meals, Kalua Pig, Lu & # 39; au stew, lomi lomi and more, locals.
I have been visiting this cafe for over 50 years.

Malasadas Champion – Local treats called Malasadas are so popular
that Fat Tuesday has been renamed as Malasada Day throughout Hawaii
Islands One of the best and most famous bakeries is Champion Malasadas located
in 1926 South Beretania Street. These lightweight Portuguese donuts without holes come with
and unfilled and worth the effort to get them!

Honolulu Chinatown – A walk through the streets of Chinatown as a
Enter another time and place. If you are looking for dim sum, cool
products, handmade leis or the new fashion show, you will surely find it in Chinatown.
The streets and shops are exotic and offer items that are not found in a typical American.
grocery store. There are guided walking tours through this historic district, but often the
the best way is simply to roam the streets, stopping whenever you are interested
It has been chopped.

If you are interested in seeing Oahu through the eyes of a local, be sure to spend a little
Time out of Waikiki. Go through some or all of the places mentioned above and see some
of what really makes Hawaii special.


Attack your fat using a jump rope


Because many people feel that cardio is boring, I decided to share one of my biggest secrets to make cardio fun and exciting! As a result, I have decided to give you my exercise routine to jump rope that will help attack your unwanted abdominal fat!

Jump the rope

Although for some strange reason almost no one uses a jump rope for aerobic exercises, I feel that jumping the rope is an excellent way to do an excellent cardiovascular exercise while enjoying it. In addition, jumping rope can not only help with cardiovascular health, but also helps improve coordination and agility.

If this exercise is performed frequently, it can also help with muscular endurance. Also, how many times have you not gone to the gym or made a morning walk due to bad weather conditions that cannot be controlled? Skipping the rope could have been a great alternative in this scenario.

Six great reasons to use a jump rope as a means of cardiovascular exercise

1. They are low cost. You can buy a good quality jump rope for around $ 20.

2. They are great if you travel and do not have access to a gym. You can take a jump rope with you almost anywhere since they are very small.

3. Not only can you use a rope to jump in a gym, but you can also jump the rope indoors, provided you have enough space to perform a complete movement. You can also jump rope outside and in the office during lunch.

4. It serves as a pleasant change for those who have tired of performing the same cardiovascular exercises day after day.

5. It is a great way to burn calories. If you had to jump the rope for an hour, depending on your metabolism, you could burn up to 1000 calories.

6. Help strengthen your entire body. Yes, that is correct. Most major muscle groups in the upper and lower body will be strengthened by jumping the rope if they are performed consistently.

How to choose a good skipping rope

Choosing a jump rope is easier said than done. First, I recommend using a jump rope that is made of leather, since it will not depreciate over time as other ropes would. Then, make sure the rope handles are thick and comfortable. Finally, perform the following test to ensure the proper length of the rope:

Hold the rope handles in each hand and place your feet in the middle of the rope while touching the ground. If the handles are just below the armpits, then you have a good rope.

Some tips on how to avoid injuries by jumping rope

1. Always wear comfortable shoes. In this way, it decreases the chances of an ankle injury. In addition, a good pair of shoes prevents your joints and feet from wear and tear.

2. A great warm-up that prevents injuries is jumping and stretching. The jumps will help your body perform the movements you will make while jumping the rope.


Skipping is an exercise that is not easy to do, especially if you are a beginner. It takes a lot of coordination and agility to jump the rope for a period of time. Next I have three phases in which you can try to jump the rope. These phases are the initial, intermediate and advanced stage.

Initial stage

This stage is the most important and difficult to overcome, but you must persevere. When I started to jump the rope, it took me a lot of patience to get used to the movements. Jumping rope is much more complex than jumping on a bicycle or on a treadmill.

To successfully jump the rope, perform the following steps:

o Step 1: Begin by holding the handles in each hand and have the rope touch the back of the heels on the floor.

o Step 2: Try to complete some full movement revolutions. Practice these steps for approximately 5 minutes since at that time you will begin to feel comfortable with what you are doing.

At this stage, I would only perform 5 minutes of skipping the rope 3 days a week. Do not exceed 5 minutes a day, as it may be sore the first few times you perform this exercise.

Intermediate stage

After about four weeks, you should feel comfortable with the beginner stage, having improved your agility, muscle coordination and endurance. Now you can try to jump the rope 10 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week. This may seem too easy, but jumping rope can be a rigorous activity that requires a lot of practice.

Advanced stage

After the intermediate stage is completed (which should last about 4-6 weeks), you can climb things up a bit more and jump the rope for 20-30 minutes, 3-5 times per week. If you can reach this stage, you will be in the best form and you will get the health benefits of this difficult effort.


Weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico


Tijuana is the largest city in the state of Baja California, Mexico, located 25 minutes by car from San Diego airport and about 150 yards from the border between California and Mexico. For many years, Tijuana has been one of the main medical tourism destinations for people from the USA. UU. And Canada. In many cases, Americans travel across the Mexican border to Tijuana to receive medical treatments they cannot afford at home. Plastic surgery, weight loss, dental surgery, IVF, stem cells are some of the medical treatments chosen in Tijuana. Of all these weight loss surgeries in Tijuana, it is one of the most sought-after medical procedures among medical tourists in Mexico.

Why is weight loss surgery in Tijuana popular?

The price advantage is one of the main factors for the popularity of weight loss surgery in Tijuana. The cost of several bariatric procedures such as the gastric band and the back band in Tijuana is up to 80% lower compared to the US. UU. The price of bariatric surgery in Tijuana can be $ 8,000 to $ 11,000 depending on the type of procedure. In addition to lower costs, there are other advantages such as:

  • Attention quality: Tijuana and other parts of Mexico offer the same level of medical care as in the United States and other developed nations.
  • Expert surgeons : Medical and other personnel have a lot of experience in the respective fields. Many doctors in Mexico are trained in San Diego and other parts of the United States. You can also find many surgeons certified by the US board. UU. Licensed to practice both in the US UU. As in Mexico.
  • Ease of travel: Mexico is within walking distance, especially for bordering states such as Texas, California, Arizona, etc. Even the travel expenses to Mexico are very low.
  • Enjoy vacations with treatment: Given the great discounts on weight loss surgery in Tijuana, you can plan a vacation and enjoy here along with medical attention.

Want to know more about weight loss in Tijuana and other places in Mexico?


The camel market in Giza – New "Highlight" The Tourist Egypt Card


Tired of the pyramids and museums and in search of an exotic experience, tourists are discovering new entertainment places like the camel market in Giza. The market is located in Burkash, a small and picturesque place in the Nile Valley, visited only by tourists traveling alone. As it is difficult to imagine a huge and comfortable air-conditioned bus in a place where asphalt roads are still something new. However, the entrepreneurial administration is not wasting time to get money: tourists have to pay at least to see the market, since they don't buy any camels.

The Burkash market is the largest camel market in the country. A smaller one, in Aswan, is a thousand kilometers south of Cairo. At one time there are no less than two thousand camels, brought mainly from neighboring countries. Only from Sudan, more than three thousand camels are brought monthly.

The caravans, with 100 to 150 camels each, make a long way along the Nile River, from the depths of Africa to reach this market located not far from the Egyptian capital. That may be the reason why some camels are in unfortunate conditions and should gain weight before selling. The rest of the "lucky beggars" are taken to the market in trucks.

Camel meat is a popular dish in Egypt because it is not as rich in fats as beef or lamb, but it contains many proteins.

Camels sold to participate in the races are more expensive than normal ones. Its price could exceed two thousand dollars, although they are not different from the usual ones. Although their meat is very popular, camels are still used as transportation, especially in the desert, where they are appreciated for their resistance and ability to resist long without water or food.

In Egypt, camels are not used in races, but are attractions for tourists.

The price negotiation is very hectic, someone might think that the cost dispute could become a fight. Periodically, angry and offended, the seller simply leaves to return after several minutes and continue the dispute seeking a compromise. Security claims that criminal incidents are a great rarity here.

Usually, camels are bought by gross, defining the price for everyone. Most clients are professionals, peculiar intermediaries, who know how to lower the price. There is no scale, the weight of the meat of a certain camel is approximate. The price of the camel varies from 1500 pounds (less than 300 dollars) to nine thousand pounds (about 1.6 thousand dollars).

Even if tourists do not buy camels, they could buy a rug of rough camel wool and get many prints. In the city you can try camel milk, which is recommended for preventive maintenance and treatment of hepatitis, food allergy, etc.


Role of the planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology: your luck


Jupiter, also known as the Guru or Lord Brihaspati in Vedic astrology, is a very good friend in heaven. If it is placed favorably on the natal chart, it is highly beneficial and a very positive planet. He is the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, and the ninth and twelfth houses. It is a very important planet for women, since it determines their marriage and their relationship with their husband. Its gemstone is yellow sapphire, the color is yellow, the metal is golden, the direction is northeast and the day is Thursday.

Jupiter is the planet of the intellect, if this planet dominates your natal chart, then you are a very calm person with great ambitions, and you like the cleanliness around you. It makes you a politician, minister, teacher or priest. Have you encountered a person who is very fond of traveling long distances in search of some answers in his life, he is the person of Jupiter. Yes, it is a planet of long trips and search for answers. It makes you philosophical. However, an extreme Jupiter in the natal chart can make you materialistic.

Astrologically, it is the planet associated with good luck, fortune and prosperity. Free time, sports of all kinds, walking in the park are all Jupiter's favorite hobbies. Jupiter also means yoga, astrology, vast, science and mathematics.

Physically, it governs the diseases of the liver, jaundice, arthritis, swelling, tuberculosis, thighs, blood circulation and fat. It is so large (fat) in size that it is directly responsible for weight gain and laziness. Diabetes is a disease directly related to this sign.

It is a planet that moves slowly. It takes Jupiter about 12 years to surround the zodiac, which means that it remains for a year in a single sign.

The following Vedic rituals are recommended to minimize the harmful effects or increase the good effects of Jupiter:

  • Wear and donate yellow clothes on Thursdays.

  • Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) is used on the index finger to obtain maximum benefits from Jupiter.

  • If you have a budget; distribute candy, yellow fruits, donate gold, feed an ox with a gram pulse on Thursdays.

  • Distribute candy and donate gold or copper on Thursdays, if the budget allows.

  • Worship Lord Shiva with yellow flowers and offer butter oil in Shiva Linga daily.

  • However, be sure not to eat bananas on Thursdays.

  • Sing the Jupiters Beej (Seed) mantra with turmeric bead garland.