Travel to a place where meat never goes wrong

In my many trips to the north of Kenya, I have encountered numerous coping strategies that the locals have devised to attend and tame the hard north of Kenya. But I guess the most fascinating thing I've witnessed so far are its food preservation techniques. Here, technology, like cold chains, is not part of a standard kitchen in most homes (rapid electrification and asphalting of the Isiolo-Moyale road may change this soon).

Dried meat (otkac or nyirnyir) is usually prepared from camel meat (gel hilib). The strips are cut and allowed to dry in the sun and then cut into small pieces that are fried (usually in oil with garlic and iliki) until they are dry. Dry fried meat is dipped in camel ghee (subag) where the fat mixture condenses and can be stored for at least 2-3 months without spoiling in bags made of camel skin and hooves.

A camel slaughtered and preserved in this way can be eaten for up to 6 months. For use, it is collected in potions and melted to be served as stew with crushed cornmeal, rice, beans (when available) or simply as a complete meal. During breakfast, nyirnyir is served only to men

But, interestingly enough, this method of meat preservation is not just a reserve for the shepherds of northern Kenya. Among the Luo of Kenya, that dried meat, known as aliya, becomes a stew eaten with Ugali. Sudanese also have similar meat they call shermout. But Sudanese are even more innovative.

The layer of fat around the stomach of a slaughtered animal (miriss) is also dried. The internal organs are also dried in the sun, crushed, mixed with a little potash and molded into a ball that is allowed to dry slowly to make twini-digla. The large intestine can also be cleaned and filled with fat and hung to dry as a type of sausage

The preservation of milk is also a novelty: wood protectors are rubbed inside with smoked weed sticks several times (at least five times). Then they are allowed to dry without being cleaned, washed. These herbs spread on the protectors act especially as food preservatives, for the milk that then remains suitable for long time consumption, regardless of weather conditions. I have eaten nyirnyir several times and it is really very good. I still have to gather enough strength to taste canned milk! I will keep you informed when the time comes to do this!

7 secrets to burn fat that made me lose more than 8 inches in 1 month

For most of us, losing abdominal fat is difficult; In fact, it is more difficult than trying to lose fat in any other part of the body.

To lose abdominal fat or any other fat, most sources will tell you that you have to diet and exercise, this is only partially true. There are 3 areas that you can implement, diet, drugs and exercise. You can achieve your fat loss goals with any of the 3 alone or in combination, but I have found that the best combination is 60% diet, 30% exercise and 10% drugs (personally when I say drugs I mean a special natural fat loss supplement). Of course, if you are obese and cannot exercise so much, more attention will be focused on diet and drugs. For example 75% Diet, 10% exercise and 15% drugs. Or if you travel all the time or are vegetarian, then the combination would be more like 10% Diet 45% drugs and 45% exercise.

Here are some things that will help you lose fat (especially hard abdominal fat). I used all these tips and it made me lose more than one stone and 8 inches in less than a month.

The 8 secrets of fat loss that all dieters should know …

# 1 eliminate carbohydrates

White carbohydrates that come from bread, pasta, rice, cereals, potatoes, tortillas, breaded fried foods and sugar raise blood sugar, which in turn makes weight gain more Easy and lose weight. Unfortunately for many people, those extra pounds go directly to the belly. Many people discover that they can be quite effective in losing abdominal fat by eliminating white flour and sugar from their diets. Another reason to stay away from white carbohydrates is that aloxane is found in many of these foods, aloxen is formed from chlorine dioxide (which is used to bleach flour) is combined with the residual protein in food. The reason why aloxane is bad is because it is really used to produce diabetes! Researchers use it to induce diabetes in laboratory rats; Another reason to stay away from white carbohydrates. The bottom line is that you don't eat white carbohydrates unless you want to get fat.

# 2 Eat using the 3 food groups for fat loss

Eat everything you want from the following food groups, but eat all 3 with each meal. (breakfast may be an exception) Mix and match:

Proteins: Eggs, Chicken (breast or thigh) Beef, Fish, Pork, Lamb

Legumes: black beans, lentils, red beans, soybeans, borlotti beans

Vegetables: mixed vegetables, peas, broccoli, green beans, etc. Vegetables are allowed.

It is important to eat legumes with each meal to give you the calories you will lose from carbohydrates.

# 3 forbidden fruit

Fruit is not an essential part of a balanced and healthy diet, it will not hurt to eat it once a week on your cheat day and it is certainly not necessary every day to be healthy and much less to lose fat. There are two exceptions to the non-fruit rule that are tomatoes and avocados.

The basic formula is fruit = sugar, fructose = glycerol phosphate = triglycerides (through the liver) = fat storage. Only eat fruit once a week on cheat days.

# 4 don't drink calories

You are allowed so much water, tea and coffee without sugar (with no more than two tablespoons of cream, try using cinnamon). In fact, drinking approximately 3 liters of water per day has a great impact on the amount of fat you will lose. Drink 3 liters of water every day. You are also allowed to drink diet soda, e.g. Coca-Cola Light, but do not exceed 450 ml per day, as aspartame will stimulate weight gain. If you enjoy a glass of wine or two at night, it's fine, but keep it red and no more than one or two glasses per night on diet days. Stay away from white wine, beer, milk, fruit juice or regular soda.

# 5 Have a cheat day once a week

Filling your face like a pig once a week actually helps you lose fat! If you increase your caloric intake once a week (fill your face), it will stop your metabolic rate down from the caloric restriction in the week. This is important because it increases fat loss by increasing cAMP and GMP to improve the conversion of thyroid hormone T4 to more active T3. I usually switch between Saturdays and Sundays for the cheat day, that day I go out of my way to eat as many cakes, ice cream, junk food and CocoPops (at least one box on the cheat day) as I can. If you get nervous about gaining too much weight, eat a good high-protein breakfast meal and have lunch as your first cheat meal. If you choose, it is fine to have a cheat meal per week instead of a cheat day for most people.

# 6 Eat at least 30 g of protein for breakfast

Your resting metabolic rate (the amount of fat calories your body burns when you do nothing) increases by 20% if your breakfast calories are at least 30% protein. I have a low-calorie protein shake of 30 g every morning because it is fast, easy and gives me the 30 g of protein I need for breakfast to optimize weight loss. When I don't have training or work in the morning, I will cook 2 poached eggs, 2 organic sausages and 2 slices of turkey bacon because I have more time to do it.

# 7 Drink 2 -3 liters of water per day

To ensure optimal liver function for fat loss, it is necessary to increase the water. Drinking cold water speeds up the metabolism and keeping a glass / bottle of cold water throughout the day can help you stay hydrated and keep your metabolism moving. Your body needs more calories to process a very cold liquid than a liquid at room temperature. Therefore, make sure the glass of water is full of ice.

Is extreme stress to blame for your fat?

All life can be stressful at times, but sometimes things happen that create extreme stress. We could include divorce, the loss of a loved one, a physical illness, a financial collapse, middle-aged crisis, natural disasters, depression and anything else that takes us beyond the usual levels of life's difficulties.

Unfortunately, most of us are not prepared when extreme stress enters our door. We have not learned the skills that help us survive and / or transform the difficult emotions, thoughts and physical reactions that always travel with painful life experiences. We often react with surprise, confusion and a dominant feeling of being lost and alone. Too often, people with weight problems use food as our main coping mechanism and feel unable to control our diet until stress subsides.

The reality is that life and its difficulties do not forgive anyone. Sooner or later things happen. I am sure that trying to isolate ourselves from these events will only make life more difficult and will keep us fat and afraid of being completely alive. I don't want to live like this, and I suppose you don't either. Here are some tools that have made a big difference to me.

Extreme stress management: survival techniques

I have listed 2 very powerful guidelines below. They have been tested and proved useful in the most difficult situations. Please give them serious consideration.


Contemporary American society has a very clear attitude about pain: if you have pain, get rid of it as quickly as you can. The problem is that extreme stress often causes pain that no medication can remove. So what?

What happens if the pain has some very specific messages for you? Messages that could change your life for the better. Messages that have the answers to some of the most persistent problems of your life. If this was true (and it is), then it may be better if your pain does not go away until you hear what you have to say. Perhaps your pain is aware of this and is actually helping by refusing to disappear.

Imagine that your suffering has a form or a form. Maybe it looks like a demon or an ugly rat. Any image that works for you. Imagine that this "thing" is sitting in a chair in front of you and that you can communicate with it. Ask him some questions. "Why are you in my life? Why don't you leave? Do you have any kind of message for me?" Then imagine that he can answer you and listen to what he says. Let him talk, even if at first he says weird things. Then answer with more questions. Very soon you will have created a dialogue that will reveal some amazing things about you and your suffering.

If you are willing to do this exercise 5 or 6 times over the course of a week, you will reach a new level of knowledge about your life problem and your pain. Take the risk. You have nothing to lose.


Among the 12 steps there is a phrase that has come to have great meaning. "Personal fund" is used to indicate the moment when an addict reaches the lowest point of his life. This painful experience is the point at which many addicts decide to seek help. As bad as it is, it is the beginning of the healing process.

You do not need to be an addict to reach your "personal background". Extreme stress can lead anyone to despair and despair. If you are at or near that point, you will find this thought useful: despair is more than an emotion. It is an energy that can break its resistance to positive change. You can open your ears to the voices of support that you have not been able to hear or have not heard so far. Desperation can drill a huge hole through the densest defenses and bring the toughest to the knees.

But, we are on our knees that we finally reach a Source larger than us. It is because we are on our knees that we finally find healing. Despair has brought us here. It seems that nothing else could do it. Thank God for despair. He has performed a sacred and sacred task. It has brought us a special gift that no other life experience could offer. If you are desperate, thank and open your heart to your gift.

I think these two are enough for today. God bless you and be obvious to you on your trip, in difficult and easy times too.

Stockholm, the "Nordens Venedig"

Stockholm, also known as "Nordens Venedig", which means the Venice of the North, is the capital and the largest city in Sweden. Stockholm is located in the eastern part of the country in the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm was officially recognized as the capital of Sweden in 1634. Sweden is world famous for the Nobel Prizes and Stockholm is home to the Nobel Institute.

Stockholm is the economic, transport, administrative and cultural center of Sweden. It is home to textiles, clothing, paper, chemicals, communications equipment, motor vehicles, rubber, processed foods, printed materials, porcelain, spirits and boat manufacturing industry. The city also has a great port and an important one. It is the headquarters of the main stock exchange in Sweden.

Stockholm has earned nicknames such as "Eken – The Oak", "Tjockhult – Fat town" and "Fjollträsk – Sissyville".

Stockholm's main attractions include the Drottningholm Palace, the Gröna Lund amusement park, the Riksdag parliament, the Stockholm City Hall, the Vasa Museum with the Vasa Ship, Rosenbad, the Swedish government headquarters, Sergels Torg square, the museum Outdoor Skansen, the Royal Palace, Stockholm Globe Arena, Gamla Stan: the section of the old town, the 155-meter-high Kaknästornet television tower, which offers a splendid view, etc.

Stockholm is a great tourist place. It is one of the most coveted tourist places in the world. Stockholm hotels are known for their comforts and luxuries.

If you are planning a vacation in Stockholm, can help you find the hotel in Stockholm. The website offers tons of information about the Stockholm Stockholm hotel, the great Stockholm hotel, cheap hotels in Stockholm, discounted rates in Stockholm and booking hotels in Stockholm. It also provides information on cheap holidays in Stockholm, vacation package in Stockholm, family vacation in Stockholm, vacation rental in Stockholm, etc.

Japan Adventure For English Teacher – Sushi, shiatsu massage and sumo wrestling – exotic Japan

Japan is the ideal place in the East for your next adventure. Sushi, shiatsu and sumo wrestling are just some of the luxuries. The people are fantastic, the hospitality culture and the food delicious.

As a world traveler who has traveled to more than 50 countries, more than 50 islands and 6 continents, I can really say that Japan is a must see.

For those willing to live and work abroad to get a complete exotic intercultural experience, high-performance professionals and students with a bachelor's degree willing to teach English in Japanese schools are welcome. No teaching experience is required, only the willingness to interact happily and interculturally with people in what I call educational entertainment forums in which you are the star facilitator of an English-speaking native country.

I started teaching by chance when, while living in New York City, I went to Chinatown for a weekend. A Chinese pastor from Taiwan who visited a local church asked me to travel with him and be his English teacher. He smiled and laughing he said with open jaws: "You will eat so well that you will gain weight. Ha! Ha!"

I ate well, but I never gained weight. However, what I did get was to see the world as a result of discovering the many job opportunities available to native English speakers abroad. He only had to teach "mushzah" (Chinese for pastor) one hour a day, if he was cooperative, which many times was not. Therefore, I looked for work in other parts of Taipei and taught in a wonderful school.

It was an experience that changed my life, which I kept doing wherever I went abroad. Finding the most established schools that pay well was a bit more difficult, but now I know how to sniff and sign good contracts with the most accredited schools looking for English teachers.

Japan is a remarkable place that I highly recommend.

Deterrence on how to keep your exercise plans while traveling

A holiday can do beneficial things to minimize stress levels, but it can derail a fitness command. Even some of the toughest athletes find it problematic to comply with an exercise agenda when they are away from home. Of course, the scores have a good incentive. They can even pack their training session clothes. Miserably, his team never leaves the luggage until they return home.

But a trip from home does not have to result in a delay or a total abandonment of his life-filled behavior. You can still fit in the session time when you are away from home, unlike if you smell in a warm or cool environment. Even if the unacceptable weather demands that you hide in your motel room, there are exercises you can do without a single piece of devices.

Below are some tips for working to stay fit while traveling and escape from returning home with additional unwanted fat.

1. Be honest. Most likely, you can't perform well to squeeze out your normal weekly workouts and that's fine. Press to achieve at least 50% of your normal exercise.

Calculate in advance. Before leaving the city, find out what kind of training furniture your motel will have or if there is a park nearby or a running track (if the weather permits).

2. Review community gyms. If you are staying in a place that does not offer an exercise center, look for rates at nearby local fitness gyms. They often offer daily passes for a minimum fee.

3. Transport a resistance band in your luggage. The band takes up very little space, but it can accommodate you with a complete exercise routine for the upper and lower body.

4. Do not steal all local foods. You can enjoy some valued delicacies without going to extremes. Ask diners to cook their admired meals with some low-fat components.

5. Be creative. Find individual and satisfying ways to exercise instead of doing the same exercise you do when you are at home. Try cycling, walking, kayaking, water skiing, basketball, etc. Efficient routines are not reduced to family rates of walking, running and exercising.

6. Test your travel conditioning session at least once in your condo. A new exercise that you have not done before in your life will require more time and training. This type of discomfort is a basic excuse to skip training.

7. Cook things. If your excursion includes a lot of time in the car, be sure to transport some healthy snacks so you won't be forced to eat at all fast food stores and convenience stores along the way.

8. Entertain yourself in the pool. If lying by the pool is part of your few days of plans, jump into the pool every 20 minutes to walk for 5 to 10 minutes.

9. Get comfortable. Don't forget to pack comfortable training clothes that adapt to the climate of your destination.

Here is an express and simple circuit exercise that only needs a resistance band and can be done anywhere. Complete at least three sets of 8-12 repetitions of each exercise.

1. Act 20 pushups

2. Represent bicep curls

3. Perform tricep extensions

4. Full shoulder presses

5. Achieve squats

6. Fulfill lunges

The key to making sure you exercise while away from home is to participate and add fluctuations.

Can our presidential candidates stay fit and healthily trim political fat or real fat?

This is a year of elections. How do you vote? Are you a single subject voter or do you look at the big picture? Or like so many this year, are you worried about the economy? How about trimming the fat? No, it is not the kind of political fat in the pork barrel. Real fat Do you mind if your chosen candidate is fit and healthy?

This year, our two presidential candidates represent two very different physical characters. One younger and thinner. The other oldest built medium. Is it important for voters that our commander in chief be physically vital? Being in excellent shape does not make him a better candidate, but wouldn't it be comforting to know that the President of the United States can climb the stairs without sucking the wind?

Current candidates seem to be in very good physical shape as they go on stage. They must be in good shape with the schedules they maintain. Afternoons, endless trips and the almost constant need to speak vigorously and enthusiastically means little time for regular workouts. Campaigning requires resistance, both physical and mental.

This does not mean that the two candidates do not stay fit. Barack Obama is known to exercise regularly and loves to shoot hoops. Who would not admit to being incredibly impressed with the half-court shot of Barack Obama, a shot he took spontaneously when he was visiting troops abroad. Whistle. Just like that, he made sports fans and sports enthusiasts from all over the world sit down and realize. And John McCain seems to have overcome his fight against skin cancer and has been given a good health bill, although it is not clear if he exercises regularly, but seems to be ready for the tiring calendar of the campaign.

It is important to keep in mind that in this day and age of the media where we can see the candidates doing something every minute of every day, that should only beg them to be in good shape. Fitness is equal to strength. The force wins the elections.

We all remember Bill Clinton, a junk food junkie who describes himself, running every day regardless of the weather or the coming crisis. He ran not only to combat the calories and fats derived from all that junk food, but also the exercise made him a better president. Even our current president started running and training in those first years in office. It is interesting that we no longer see photos of him doing that. Maybe he got over it. It is the end of his career, both for political office and for the exercise.

This type of attention to physical activities produces all the benefits of regular exercise:

  • Enhanced strength
  • It helps to control your weight.
  • Improved mood
  • Help in the prevention of chronic diseases.
  • Promotes a better dream.
  • It can provide some fun or a moment to reflect deeply

These benefits are good for everyone, much less for the ruler of the free world. I believe that a stronger, happier, more rested and healthy president is a productive and thoughtful president. People can find security in a commander who is fit and healthy. And the candidates would be smart by not neglecting a large group of voters, the "aptitude" vote. And although it is not a prerequisite for presidential candidates to be fit and healthy, they should at least have resistance for four long years of service.

How to get a belly without fat with quick results?

How to lose abdominal fat has many answers and the method you want to choose and practice will give you the most optimized and most likely health solutions. Some of the best methods available now are to perform abdominal fat exercises or to adopt a diet program or other methods guided by fitness experts.

Whichever fat loss program you have chosen, you must be confident enough to achieve good results. Because once you have accepted the program, you need to practice and achieve good results. Therefore, taking this into account, you can choose exercise programs that work at a slow pace for you based on your usual practice.

Keep track of your exercise time

When starting from home, you can do abdominal fat exercises and control your weight and time after completing daily practice. Because that's how you can find the difference in your weight. Fat loss can only be achieved through regular exercise. This is really recommended as a safe program that will not only guarantee results, but also make it stronger and much healthier than before.

Because, the presence of unwanted fats in the body can cause many harmful effects to your body and cause other diseases and ailments. In addition, it may also be quite difficult for you to travel, walk or work in your office. But there is a definitive solution for your fat and there is no need to worry at all.

A proven technique to practice abdominal fat exercises.

As a permanent solution to lose abdominal fat, you can always do exercises to lose fat and experience a good result in a short period of time. Again, there are several exercise models in these exercises based on the fact of how much weight you want to lose and how much fat is required in the body and all other important aspects.

While considering all the important facts to retain and restore your health, your main goal and objective is to remove excess fat from your abdomen and look like a normal healthy person. Then, the simple exercise practice that works as a fat loss program is an ideal program and will give you absolutely excellent results and you will appreciate your work in the fat loss program.

Enjoy physical fitness and good health.

As a retired father or as a working mom or dad, you have certain priorities and need to meet them. But giving you the best care is also a priority so you can take care of your family. Therefore, finding and applying good permanent solutions for your health is a very good effort and when you are working on how to lose abdominal fat, you will also appreciate your efforts invested here to achieve good health. This is really necessary to stay happy, healthy and enjoy the good life.

Find good food at the airport

Whether you are going on vacation, on a business trip or back home for the holidays, finding good food options at the airport can be a challenge. Be careful with heavy bacon or mayonnaise loaded sandwiches because they can add up to 800 calories and 20 grams of fat. One of the best ways to avoid this dilemma is to pack your own healthy snacks for your trip and avoid tentative terminal selections. This is especially important if you think you are going to have a stopover or are flying in bad weather.

If you are stuck at the airport and have no choice but to have dinner there, there are some good food options. In addition to sandwiches with bacon or mayonnaise, try to avoid the tuna and egg salad, since they are also loaded with mayonnaise and have a high fat content. Instead, opt for sandwiches that contain vegetables and lean meat, such as turkey or chicken with little or no dressing. Look for a grilled chicken salad or a garden salad with the dressing on the side. Other excellent options are fresh fruits and fruit salads, which contain essential vitamins and nutrients, especially when traveling.

If you just don't know what you want, almost all airports carry dried fruits and nuts. Be careful not to exceed the recommended serving size because, although they tend to be a great source of heart-healthy fat, a bag contains approximately ten servings. Other healthy options are raw nuts, pretzels, vegetables, energy bars and granola bars. The most important thing to remember is to be prepared every time you travel, and if not, make better decisions along the way. You will have a more pleasant flight and you will not feel loaded with all the heavy food at the airport.

Lenten Lessons – Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras, a time to dine and dance in the fun capitol of the world, New Orleans, Louisiana. It is also called Fat Tuesday due to the habit of eating and drinking, the night before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the ritual fast.

It is celebrated in different ways throughout the world. As a common thread, going through these various celebrations is the idea of ​​having as much fun as possible, before the beginning of the Lenten season. Have a good time, with bright costumes and street parades. Tomorrow we will start to get serious.

Personally, I think these times of letting off steam, so to speak, can be healthy. I don't want to be a joy to kill or cushion anyone's parade. No one enjoys more than me. As a believer, however, I can't help but see the shadow of the cross fall even on Fat Tuesday. I can't help hearing the Word of Forgiveness, the first word our Savior spoke from the cross:

"Father, forgive them because they dont know what they are doing". What they were doing to him was secondary to what they were doing to themselves, by hardening their hearts to divine forgiveness,

My ambition is to be fat with forgiveness and thin with vindictive attitudes that only think about getting even. I want to celebrate the pure joy of reaching those who have hurt me, with an indulgent attitude. What a release; What burdens arise when we can do that!

But what about my fair desserts? What could be more unfair than this: the best man who ever lived, who came to this world just to heal and help was stuck in a tree? As the divine Son of God, he could have prayed for a thousand angels to come and take revenge on those who would perpetrate such a disgusting act. Instead, pray for his forgiveness.

It challenges us to take our cross and follow it: to practice the politics of forgiveness. It is not easy, it requires divine empowerment. The more we love, the more deeply we can be hurt. The more deeply we are hurt, the harder it is to forgive. The harder it is to forgive, the more love is required. But more love brings more pain, which requires deeper love.

What can free us from this upward spiral? Only an infinite love as demonstrated on the cross. Ash Wednesday has to move towards Good Friday, where the rainbow of hope shines through the last seven words from the cross. Let's start by clinging to the first word, the Word of Forgiveness.