Simple plans to eat and travel socially


One thing is to follow your diet regimen when you are at home, controlling the contents of your refrigerator and the size of your portions. But what about going out to dinner with friends? Worse, how do you stay on the road when your dream vacation has you sitting in the dessert cart at every meal?

Eating well when you are outside your comfort zone can be easier than when you are at home, as long as you think intelligently and plan ahead. Focus on these simple tips to help you enjoy your dinner in the city without compromising your weight loss goals.

Simple plans

Incorporate meals like any other. Do not skip meals beforehand. Plan. Don't be afraid to call ahead and find out what the special offers will be and discover a couple of options. If that is not an option, ask someone who feels comfortable sharing your dietary concerns for help. Tell him what foods he can eat (or what he can't eat) and ask the person to fill a plate. Or second, walk to the buffet table (s) beforehand without a plate. Just take an informal walk and see what foods are served. Then, decide if you want to ask another person to place your selections on a plate for you or if you prefer to get them yourself.

Eat slow. Not only will this help with your digestion, but it will slow down your diet so that you realize it before when it is full. Place your eating utensils while chewing. Take a sip of water between snacks.

Have fun on the road

Eating out is a way of building relationships, enjoying the company of others. Unfortunately, for those of us who seek to reduce what and how much we eat, this can make previously enjoyable dinner dates a feared and avoided task. It does not have to be this way. Opt for a restaurant with salads and low-fat menu options instead of a place with all the fried battered menu items and heavy desserts.

Another option is to choose an old favorite and divide it with a partner. This way, you will not feel private and your portion size will be automatically limited. Not only will your waistlines be smaller, but also your bills!

Avoid temptation

There is no law that says you should have a basket of bread, butter and oil before eating out. If you are at your table when you are sitting, ask to be brought back to the kitchen.

Prepare for success when ordering, asking them to eliminate oils and sauces. Request that your meat and vegetables are steamed, not fried. Order a salad (with light dressing or no dressing) or vegetables instead of fries or mashed potatoes.

Everything is in the portions

Restaurant portions are significantly larger than actual portion sizes; An average size will replace more than properly the normal size of your food. Most restaurants offer medium sizes (at smaller prices). If these are not on the menu, just ask, and it is very likely that your request will be answered. Alternatively, you can request your dog bag in advance. If you are not offered to pack half of your meal, decide for yourself (before you start eating) what is the appropriate serving size and wrap the rest.

There is no rule that you should order your food from the ticket list. Examine the snack menu for attractive (and smaller) options. You can also create a delicious and unique meal by combining several side dishes.

Drink lots of water before going out to the restaurant and while waiting for the food to arrive. This will help you feel satisfied and avoid indulgences inspired by hunger.

Request that you first take out your salad (and / or soup, if it is not creamy), and dig. By the time your meal arrives, you should be able to more rationally determine which portion sizes are appropriate, and if something is necessary. avoided

Do not order dessert until you have completely finished your meal. You may be too full to eat dessert and remember, even if everyone is splurging on the dessert menu, you don't have to join just to be part of the "gang." Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea to finish your meal. Or ask someone to serve you a dessert if there is something you really want.

Get distracted

Holidays should be a time to pamper yourself and have fun. Although it leads to eating out more frequently, it also eliminates many of the temptations of the day. For example, you will not be wandering into the kitchen when you are bored, or in excess in the grocery store and then you will feel "forced" to eat what you have bought.

Spend time in the pool, in the sand and in stores, not in restaurants. Most holiday hot spots are ideal for eating while traveling; You can buy a small meal from a vendor on the road and eat it while walking along the promenade and enjoying the sights and sounds.

Do not make food about suffering. If the smell of saltwater caramel envelops you, treat yourself. Having a small amount will satisfy your cravings without compromising your diet.

Try to make a rule like: "If I eat, I also need to enjoy a fun activity: walking, biking, swimming, playing tennis, putt-putt, etc." Then coordinate the "pairings" or daily events with meal planning. Life, including vacations, does not have to be just food. Nor do you have to focus on food.

Do not stress

With the right approach, eating out can be a pleasant experience. Remember, a successful diet is a lifelong lifestyle modification. You should be able to incorporate healthy activities to eat away from home in your routine.

Holidays and meals outside are intended to be pleasant. If you go overboard a bit, it is important not to hit yourself. Forgive and go on with life. Simply use that experience to learn where you can improve the next time you are in that situation and then add some additional activities to your agenda. Swim a few laps. Walk or jog. Leave your wallet in the trunk and go to a mall to walk around the store. Take a tour. To visit a museum. Enjoy a park and feed the ducks. Just go out, focus on something else and enjoy life.

I hope you enjoy this article. More can be found in my free electronic publication


Is cholesterol healthy or unhealthy?


LDL cholesterol & # 39; bad & # 39; and HDL cholesterol & # 39; good & # 39;: the first kills while the second is beneficial to health. Some people are extremely fit and lead healthy lifestyles, but have high levels of LDL and very low levels of HDL. What's going on?

The truth is that nobody knows everything about how cholesterol works in the body.

Cholesterol is an insoluble lipid, a fat. That means that this compound must travel in the blood when bound and transported by protein molecules.

As expected, combinations of fats and proteins are called lipoproteins. There are two types: low density lipoproteins (LDL) and high density lipoproteins (HDL). The first is "bad" because it is a risk factor for atherosclerosis: the twisting of the arteries, which can cause a heart attack or stroke.

However, there are many other factors involved with atherosclerosis that add to the confusion, such as immune responses and inflammation.

Cholesterol levels are affected by the amount of dietary fat that is absorbed into the bloodstream from the intestine and how the liver produces "bad" LDL cholesterol.

There are also genetic factors involved with an individual's cholesterol levels. These are linked to levels in parents and siblings. They can be perfectly healthy, but they have high levels of "bad" cholesterol.

While it is known that high levels of HDL cholesterol & # 39; good & # 39; They are protective, there is no evidence that low HDL levels are in any way harmful. Therefore, all the blame for atherosclerosis seems to lie with LDL cholesterol & # 39; bad & # 39 ;.

The doctors' advice is to do everything possible to reduce LDL cholesterol levels & # 39; bad & # 39; at less than 3 mmol per liter, and for total cholesterol levels at 5 mmol per liter or less.

To do this, they suggest having a diet based on plants, fruits and vegetables. They suggest minimizing the intake of animal fats and obtaining as much protein and fat as possible from blue fish. In addition, they suggest losing weight in case of overweight and not smoking.

However, in light of the new idea of ​​health to reverse obesity and heart disease by severely reducing sugar and increasing healthy saturated fats in the diet, these recommendations now seem quite simplistic.

Could it be that current diets, rich in sugar and rich in carbohydrates, which are clearly the main cause of obesity, could have something to do with high levels of bad cholesterol?

Perhaps excessive sugar consumption interferes with cholesterol metabolism?

That there is a global crisis of obesity and concern about LDL cholesterol levels & # 39; bad & # 39; In many people, there seems to be a link between these two diseases.

Or maybe it's because too many man-made polyunsaturated vegetable oils are consumed? The current recommendations are & # 39; avoid & # 39; Natural fats in foods such as butter, whole milk and cheese. Perhaps this "abnormal" way of knowing what to eat is actually causing high levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol?

The results of studies on these ideas should be quite interesting.


Freezing fat to get fit


Not surprisingly, since summer is the time when people make travel plans to sunny and sandy beaches. Preparations are not limited to booking air tickets and beachfront accommodations. You need to get fit too.

"I haven't been fit for more than a month," says a steno. The answer is not diet and rigorous workouts.

It is surgery. At some point, back liposuction was the buzzword for those who wanted to shed a few pounds quickly. In this procedure, a doctor causes patients to go under a needle, insert a cannula under the skin to suck the fat from the target area.

Today, for people looking to contour the body, there are also other options. Laser technology has minimized the need for invasive surgical procedures.

Currently, worldwide, more and more people undergo laser treatment to get rid of scars, pigmentation and acne.

A system called CoolSculpting is becoming fashionable. Manufactured and sold by Zeltics Inc., it has received approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for use in the United States. Simply put, it is a fat freezing procedure that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that refuses to respond to diet and exercise.

Several cosmetic surgeons ensure that the results are proven, remarkable and lasting.

These are some of the key features of this innovative procedure in the market:

• This FDA-approved fat reduction procedure uses precision controlled cooling to attack fat cells.

• It is not an answer for obesity. On the contrary, CoolSculpting addresses areas such as back, fat, bra, stomach and love.

To explain this procedure in a simpler way, use rounded vanes, chosen from four sizes to aspirate grease as a vacuum cleaner. The patient sits in an inclined chair for approximately 2 hours, while the cooling panels crystallize the fat cells.

According to a doctor who specializes in body contouring surgery, "people tolerate mild discomfort very well." He also adds, "The sensations of suction and cooling finally disappear."

Some cosmetic surgeons even say that their patients while they are operated, work on their laptops, read or enjoy a movie.

But is this procedure for everyone?

For people who consider body contouring surgery, Specialist Answers says that this procedure is only for those who are looking for slight improvements.

CoolSculpting is not an important fat removal procedure such as liposuction.

Some of the things doctors look for in their patients include:

• Your age and skin quality.

• Is the skin likely to recover?

• How thick the fabric is. This is because the suction panel can treat only the tissue that can be accessed.

The good news is that the procedure is not invasive, the risks in comparison are very low.

For patients, what matters is choosing the right doctor.


Learn Cantonese to travel to Hong Kong


Due to Olympic fever, many travelers are eager to visit Hong Kong and see how this international city in southern China helped in equestrian games.

I am Chinese from Hong Kong and I was born to speak Cantonese, so I am here to present some useful and interesting phrases for you to speak while traveling to Hong Kong. You can use them for daily greetings, negotiations or in a restaurant.

Learn phrases in Cantonese for fun

Although everyone in Hong Kong speaks English, you meet people who say Cantonese phrases every day. Knowing what they say would be fun. Talking some Cantonese would be a lot of fun. It might even surprise the locals.

Unlike Mandarin, Cantonese does not have a standardized phonetic system. Therefore, there is no standard way to learn it. Therefore, I rely on the sound and try to make a close translation. Note that the tone in English is usually slightly higher than the Cantonese. Read my translation invented by Anna and try to lower the tone a bit. This will make your pronunciation closer to the real one.

Jo Sun

Good Morning

Mmm goi

Thanks, this is used in the same way as & # 39; thanks & # 39; in English.

Dor tse

Thank you for receiving a gift or a great favor, such as someone presenting a job or giving you business. Therefore, when you buy something, the seller generally says "dor tse" instead of "mmm goi".

Lei ho ma?

How are you?

O ho ho

I'm fine

Sik jor farn mei?

Haven't you eaten yet? This is an extremely common Cantonese phrase used to start a conversation. The Chinese (not just the Cantonese) generally show their affection for others by asking if they have already eaten.

Gei dor tsin?

How much?

Paang d la

Cheaper please

Fai d La

Hurry up please

Ho ho sik

Delicious, very delicious

Damn mai

Show me my bill. Say this after eating in a restaurant. You will hear people say this when they are ready to pay and leave.

Gung hei fat choi

I wish you earn a lot of money from luck. This is another extremely common Cantonese phrase. If you come to Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year, you would hear everyone say this to each other. It is a Chinese tradition.


Traveling jobs – How to get a fast travel job!


The jobs that travel are some of the most coveted, desired and competitive jobs in the world. Think about it: people who have travel jobs can see the world and charge for traveling at the same time! This article will give you an overview of the different types of jobs in the travel industry and how you can get one quickly.

The most popular types of jobs that travel are jobs such as cruise ships, travel guides, traveling nurses, environmental workers, military workers and farmers.

To find vacancies for traveling jobs, you can do a Google search for & # 39; foreign travel jobs & # 39; or simply & # 39; travel jobs & # 39 ;, and you will find directories for job vacancies. However, keep in mind, as there are limitations to this type of work that you must consider: the salary is notoriously low (usually enough to survive). You must go where your work tells you to go. You usually cannot experience the culture of your location because you are too busy working. You must also meet the visa requirements in the cities you are visiting.

However, travel jobs are a good way to start. If you are dedicated to getting a job in the travel industry, the fastest way to do this is to take a day to apply for 20 jobs. 3 days later, call each company you requested and confirm that you received your request. You are required to get one.

But what if you want to be paid to travel and earn an important income while you are seeing the world, doing what you want to do, now what other people want you to do?

You can earn a LOT more money by using some hidden and underground techniques that allow some smart travelers to get a really fat income while traveling. This involves using the Internet for a few hours a day from the beginning, and eventually a few hours per week. The concept is to configure automated online systems that continuously produce revenue. It is a strange concept for many, but the key to making money while traveling is to work once to get paid forever.

Traveling jobs are a great way to start. Wet your feet. See a limited part of the world, earn a few dollars and see if you like it. However, the fastest way to earn a lot of money is to set up automated systems that generate cash as you travel the world.


Fantasy sport Giant

Fanduel adds Bitcoin payments via Bitpay
Fantasy is a very popular sport in the world, it grows by more than 10% every year and is now a $ 8 billion industry. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) has registered over 59 million fantastic sports participants in the US and Canada. Basically, broken or fantastic sports is a tournament for those who are virtual players of real players in the professional league. Real player stats apply to the fantasy team and to the people who own these games every day. Fanduel is one of the most popular fantasy sports providers on the internet, and on September 3, the company announced that users could access account financing through Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC).

Fanduel members can use cryptography with their accounts through an Atlanta-based Bitpay payment processor. The company’s commercial director, Sonny Singh, explains that with Fanduel getting bitcoin, users will have an alternative form of payment before the NFL season begins. “NFL football is one of the most popular sporting events and the start of the football season makes it an ideal time to present bitcoin to these fans,” Singh said. “We wanted Bitcoin users to add cryptocurrencies to their Fanduel accounts and enjoy daily fantasy sports.”

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Fanduel’s past problems with payment processors and the Bitcoin Bowl
People have been waiting for Fanduel Bitcoin for years, and this was discussed in February 2016, when Fanduel and Draftkings lost their main provider. At the time, Fanduel and Draftkings controlled more than 90% of the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) market. Various states of the U.S. They decided the DFS was an illegal form and banned the use of the two sites. At the time, Fanduel and Draftkings were the processing company for Vantiv Entertainment Solutions, which decided to end their financial relationship all of a sudden. Jonathan Elman, Vantiv’s chief marketing and marketing adviser, said it was caused by “a growing number of prosecutors who consider Daily Fantasy Sports (” DFS “) illegal bets.” He said Vantiv had “ordered the court to continue fulfilling its obligations.

At this time, Fanduel and Draftkings are not looking for cryptocurrency commitments, but in the past, Fanduel was worried about digital activity. In January 2018, the company held a Bitcoin Bowl contest and handed the winners a free game of 3.75 BTC. The Jackpot 2 BTC was awarded to players of the tournament who paid $ 3 to enter the game. To receive prizes, users must submit a valid BTC address after tiebreaker. “When your team is playing in the playoffs, the margin is in the sky. As we read online, Bitcoin investors know exactly how it feels.” “Then, within a week of the playoffs, we have two opportunities to lead an extreme team and play our own bitcoins.”

How good is the Taylor 5596W Body Fat Weight Scale


The Taylor 5596W Body Fat Weight Scale is a state-of-the-art programmable scale. Not only does it control your actual weight and body fat content, but it also calculates the amount of calories needed to achieve the desired body fat and weight for you. This is done by transmitting an electrical signal through your body and the scale reads the resistance for the amount of time it takes to travel through you.

Programming instructions are provided with each scale and you only have to enter its parameters once. The scale does all the calculation for you. Once the signal begins to be transmitted, depending on the size and type of your body, the results will appear in a few moments on the screen.

Each time you climb the scale, you automatically recalculate the amount of fat in the body you have and let you know what new steps are necessary to reduce or increase your caloric intake. This goes well beyond the old method of calorie counting and other outdated procedures. All this is automatic.

One of the only things you can notice is that if you are in the largest size when you start using this scale, the results may take a while to finally read on the screen. This is perfectly normal since the scale uses resistance to measure everything and the more fat it initially has, the longer it will take for the signal to return to the machine. Patience is the key here, they will come.

Once you start using the Taylor Body Fat Scale on a regular basis, you will begin to see results. After a diet and exercise program based on the caloric intake provided by the scale, the body fat number should decrease with each use. The same time each day is key to obtaining accurate results.


Nutrients soluble in fat and water: the secret to obtain them effectively from everyday foods


Water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins are essential nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. For optimal health, it is important to obtain vitamins and minerals from a balanced and nutritious diet. Your body requires two types of vitamins: fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) and water-soluble vitamins (complex B and C). There is a difference in the way they are absorbed in the body:
Fat soluble nutrients

These essential nutrients (VITAMINS A, D, E and K) are fat soluble and are stored in the liver and fatty tissues, when not in use. They are absorbed by fat globules that travel through the small intestine into the blood in general. Within the body, usually, only a small amount of these nutrients is needed to maintain good health, but still, vitamin D deficiency is a growing health problem.
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Water soluble nutrients

Vitamins B and C are soluble in water, they dissolve rapidly in the body. Unlike fat-soluble vitamins, they cannot be stored in the body. If you ingest them in excess, they simply pass, which makes it necessary for your body to receive them regularly. They keep the immune system strong and play a key role in metabolism, growth and development. In short, they keep all their systems in good working order.
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How can you get them from daily food?

This may not seem like a big secret: you should add foods rich in these 13 essential fats and water soluble nutrients to your diet. Most people are already doing it, but they are still deficient in one or more of these vitamins. The reason – nutrients are destroyed during cooking !
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In conventional forms of cooking, food undergoes a strong heat from metal cookware that destroys delicate nutrients and makes them deficient. In addition, water-soluble nutrients are usually released as steam in the open air or through a vent.
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But if you switch to a kitchen battery with heat suitable for food, the nutritional value of the food will remain intact. A totally natural material, pure clay is perfect for this purpose. Cookware made of pure clay is cooked with near infrared heat, so there is no loss of nutrients. The vapor condenses naturally, so these nutrients are preserved inside the pot.
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The ergonomic design of the pot and the lid ensures that steam (water-soluble vitamins), instead of being released outdoors, remains inside the pot and is deposited again in food, keeping it rich in nutrition.
Therefore, simply by switching to this healthy and natural material, you can get rid of nutritional deficiencies once and for all, for a healthy and nourished body.
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Weight loss: are body fat scales accurate?


If you have read something about health and fitness, you know one thing: body fat matters, body weight does not. While the two usually go hand in hand, there are always people who have a high body weight and seem to be overweight, but have a high level of muscle mass and, in fact, are exceptionally thin.
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If you are trying to lose weight, it is better to measure whether you are losing fat or losing weight. Body weight can be a mixture of fat and lean muscle tissue, which is less than ideal.
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As you strive to improve your health, you just want to lose body fat. So, this raises the question: should I invest in a body fat scale? It would seem to be the best solution. This way, you can control in which direction your body fat levels go. However, before you run out and buy the first body fat scale you see, you must keep one thing in mind: not all scales are accurate.
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This is what you should keep in mind.

Methods to measure body fat levels. There are many methods to measure body fat levels …
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one) One approach is to pinch several areas of your body and determine how thick those areas are. The thicker the pinch, the more body fat: this is known as a skin gauge reading.
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two) Another method is to undergo an electronic scanner, dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA previously called DEXA), which will determine bone density, fat mass and lean muscle tissue. This is the most accurate method. However, you cannot do it yourself, and it can be expensive to do.
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3) The third method is to use what is known as bioelectric impedance, which is where an electric current is sent through your body, and travel speed is determined. The current will not travel quickly through the fat mass, so the slower it is, the more fat it is said to have.
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The bioelectric impedance method seems ideal in theory, but the problem is that its hydration levels can alter it. If you are dehydrated, it will seem much “fatter” than if it is hydrated. This method is the one used by most domestic scales. While it is beneficial to be able to verify your reading conveniently, it is not accurate.
You can follow the current trend and use one of these homemade scales, but remember to be at the same level of hydration at all times. Measuring your levels early in the morning can help your hydration levels be similar.
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Controlling your body fat with a DXA scanner several times a year and trusting how your clothes look and feel might be a better approach.